Friday, September 18, 2009

Frazzled...html issues...

If any of you are wondering...

I was playing around with my html

...cuz you know I like to do that from time to time

...and I sort of lost two blog lists.

I lost the Spiritual Sanka and Taster's Choice...argh! The Spiritual Sanka I remembered most of...but know I'm missing someone...if it's you...speak up! Taster's Choice...(for those who haven't figured it out yet) is where I let new blogs sit and be "tasted" before I commit to putting you in a category or keep reading or you don't fit in one of my categories. I know, I'm so zany...hehehe!

So, please don't be mad if you were in my blog list and you think I'm snubbing you now

...cuz I'm not

...I'm just not a great graphic designer...I'm just CHEAP

...and um, things happen!

1 comment:

crittyjoy said...

I adore the names of your blog lists...when I come visit it always makes me smile :) I love the different names you have for them....such a neat way to have different categories! I just have boring ole names for mine!

(just so you know my personal blog is typepad not wordpress....that one is my book blog)