Friday, October 22, 2010

Caffeinated Randomness: Dopey Chickens, Delegations and Downshifting!

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Well, today...I'm going to enforce a SLOW DOWN on myself.  I've been running around like a crazy chicken all week.  Not exactly with my head off...but clucking and squawking a lot.  HA!  So, a calming cup of chai or cinnamon coffee....*sigh...

Yeah, I'm helping a friend with the Fall Festival at our church this weekend.  The look on her face was truly funny the other day when I told her to delegate some of the stressful stuffs.  She did...but the point was well's not exactly something that I do very well when I'm in charge either.

I'm a total dork for a friend though...I put my arm around her and said, "Do you trust me?  and I started singin', "You've gotta friend in me..."  I've been busy with some of that this week...but I'd rather have her somewhat sane the day of the it's well worth it to me!

My Sweet Boobahs finished off their antibiotics this week...and are feeling much better.  Right back to their ornery, rotten selves.  Trust me.  I'm glad they are feeling better but PHEW...wowsers...MomE's tired!!  And, sadly...MomE hasn't been exactly her most patient this week either.  I mentioned the clucking and er, squawking

Oh, and Loverbrains and I decided we'd commit to an exercise plan and start THIS WEEK.  He read an article on the chemistry of weight loss...or something weird like that.  It was something in his AIChe magazine, I think.  It sounded like Greek to me.  I enjoyed teasing him about it.  So, we are running M, W, F and doing weights/pilates the other days...except Sunday's which are rest.  Woohoo, bring on the naptime!

I felt ridiculously sore the first few days...but today I ran the whole mile and I feel fine...well, other than my lungs burning cuz it's 34 outside.  Yes, you CAN run in the fall/winter.  Why are we?  Well,'s CHEAP!  No treadmill or gym necessary.  It's one of those perks of living in a very nice neighborhood.  I only wish we could run together.  Where IS my nanny?  LOL!!

So, as I eluded to in the beginning of this randomly caffeinated post...I'm not planning to get much done today.  I'm taking the kids on a leaf walk...and then I'm going to paraffin wax dip leaves with the kids.  Then, we'll probably do some leaf rubbings.  Who knows what else.  NO, I'm not raking yet.  I'll wait til the trees are a bit emptier, thanks!

What else shall I do on this SLOWED down day?  Finish a book?  Oh, I got bunches of slowcooker books out of the library yesterday too.  Sounds enticing to me!

Hope your Friday is slow and lovely!  Hugs!


Barbara H. said...

I agree with the concept of delegation, and I do well with it at home -- but elsewhere often it is so much easier to just do things myself. I'm glad you have the opportunity to help your friend.

Good for you and hubby for exercising!

e-Mom said...

Running with your honey... awesome! We're walking together as often as we can.

Enjoy your church Fall Festival!

Blessings, e-Mom