Monday, October 25, 2010

Memory Monday: Bringing It Back!

I used to faithfully participate in Memory Monday...on a blog that rarely hosts it anymore...and I stopped memorizing as much scripture when I stopped blogging about it.  I realized that the only scripture I was memorizing were the little verses my SS and children were memorizing.  I'm not knocking that...something is better than nothing. But then...

I recently saw this youtube (below) by John Piper...and it convicted and inspired me to bring Memory Monday back to my blog.  Well, that's not quite reminded me of the importance...the VITAL importance of scripture memorization...and I figured if blogging about it would keep me accountable...then I'd do that too!

If anyone wants to join me...I'd love to hear what you are "hiding in your heart."  I'm beginning with Isaiah 55.  I want to memorize the entire chapter.  A few verses at a time...We'll see how many I have for next week.  I'll attempt to Vlog...something I have never done before.  That way there is no hiding...either it's in my brain/heart...or it's not!

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