Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Memory Memory Hook!

Last winter I told everyone about my love for prayer and scripture hooks. You know, those things you hang prayer or scripture on....a memory tool. When I fold my husband's socks...I pray for him. Prayer hook. When I see Dawn dish detergent...I think, Lam. 3:23, "Your mercies are new every morning (dawn). Great is Your Faithfulness." But it recently occurred to I watched steam pour off my cup...that I have memory hooks too.

I have a wonderful memory...that often comes to mind when I see a steamy cup...
When my Dad came to see me after the birth of my firstborn...well, I don't remember much.  I was in pain, exhausted and on pain killers that meant I couldn't drive and probably shouldn't be left alone!  I remember that our little house was packed with a great, celebration kind of way.  She was beautiful and we were so thankful for her safe arrival.  A first grandbaby on both sides.  That's what happens when two firstborns have a baby!  Ha!

I cherish a few clear memories.  My Dad always trucks off somewhere to be alone with his coffee and Bible in the mornings.  In this case he knew that my Mom (who stayed for 3 wonderful weeks) needed a break so he took the little baby bundle out on the back patio with him too.  I remember just being out of the shower...and either I was bringing him coffee or he'd taken a cup out...I just remember the steam.  It was a real moment for see my Dad with my all her pinkness. *Memory hook*

My Mom is a teacher through and through.  She can't help it.  She stayed for three weeks...but she made sure I'd be able to take over my household responsibilities, and my new MomE job, before she left.  Each day she'd say, "Okay, today you're going to do THIS, too!"  One thing we did together was hang and fold laundry.  I really miss my clothesline from that house.  When I see hanging clothes...or even when I take down the clothes from my screen porch line...I remember that special new time in my life.  I remember how my Mom showed her love to me and how she carefully aided me onto that next phase of adulthood.  

I've often said I wished I had a picture of those moments.  So, I guess now I do...memory hook! *click*


Anonymous said...

Thank you for that special time! I love you dearly dearly. Mom D.

Pastor D said...

Are you TRYING to make me cry? I'm old, you know!