Thursday, March 17, 2011

As of Late: Springtime Colds...aachoo!

As of late, our family has been hit by a horrible cold.  Lubby had pneumonia, Emmer-bean had pink eye...and I insisted Loverbrains had allergies...until he shared his cold with me.  Ha!  
Lately our household has tripled it's usage of Kleenex and Vick.
Lately I've lamented my ingratitude during the times when I could breathe through both nostrils simultaneously.  Why do I ever take that for granted?
Lately I've realized that what God wants me to accomplish will get done...and all those other things that got "scraped off my plate" this week...weren't among them.
Lately I've started to be really bothered by the house falling down around me...which should be an indicator that I'm getting better, right?  I mean, I actually care about what's around me now!
Lately, I want to be cynical about my Springtime cold...when I should be thankful for the healthy Winter passage.  God is good...sniff*snork*sneeze....All the time!


Lauren said...

Sickness is no fun at all!! But like you said, it really makes us appreciate being healthy! Praying you're 100% soon!

Barbara H. said...

Hope you all feel better soon!

Jen said...

I totally understand the part about what God wants to get done will get done...sometimes it's hard to let it go, but better just to let God...

Critty said...

I lamented the ability to take a deep breathe when I had pneumonia a few weeks's amazing how much we take for granted until we cannot do it. Praying for your little ones and you and your husband...being sick is just no fun.

So glad you could join us Bobbi!