Tuesday, March 1, 2011

TOTALLY Tuesday: Aloha...

We TOTALLY had a belated Valentine's Luau at church Sat. night.  It was wonderful!  My friend Hannah totally SPAMed it up with her beautiful pregnant belly! 
You entered the church to see a jungle (all the church trees) with teekee torches....and nice Hawaiian music...You were greeted with LOUD alohas and a lei.  There were bright colored flowers, grass skirted tables and frozen icy drinks for dessert.

It occurred to us...that it is TOTALLY unfair that all of Loverbrains frequent flier miles take us "anywhere in the continental US except HAWAII and Alaska."  Grrr!
Here is our TOTALLY fun Pastor and his wife...I have to say they are fun...They tried every single one of the SPAM Competition entries...and said they were all...um, DELICIOUS!
Yes, evidently, those who've been there...tell us that Hawaii is BIG on SPAM lovers.  I hadn't eaten it for a few years...but I whipped up a fun recipe.  It didn't win!  HA! 
Here are the costume contest winners...and the winners of the SPAM royalty award! 
AND...here's me with the crazy Kelly lady behind it all...I'm encouraging her to start a blog to include all her TOTALLY wild and wacky church activities and ideas.  She created Hawaiian balderdash, Hawaiian ALOHA/Bingo, and a interesting version of horse-shoes using leis and pool noodles. 
AND...the TOTALLY fun two of us...We decorated that room to SCREAM.....ALOHAEEE....TOTALLY FUNTIMES!!


It's Grace said...

How fun! Looks like a great time. Never tried Spam. Hope never to have to. Our county fair has recipe contests for it.

You look so cute!! Dark blue is a great color for you!!

Barbara H. said...

Looks like fun! I have a spam casserole recipe I could have sent you. :-) I love it that way and on fried spam sandwiches, but that's about it.

e-Mom said...

Totally, totally fun. You look so cute... all of you do.

We love Hawaii--our daughter was married there--an intimate ceremony. Such a lush beautiful place. Our bedroom and bathroom are decorated in Island Style. Just TODAY Bobbie, I hung one of e-Dad's Aloha shirts on the back of the door...

I do hope you can visit some day. God to Poipu Beach on Kaui (360 days of sunshine a year) or Oahu (of Waikiki Beach fame.)

Tricia at Mom is the Only Girl said...

I think your friend should start her own blog - we need more ideas for fun things at church like that! They are so hard to find!! This looks like soooooo much fun!