Monday, September 12, 2011

Marriage Monday: Geeky Love Notes...

Amid the "you don't send me flowers, you don't sing me love songs" emotional moments of my marriage there are little bits of loving communication that I overlook.  Sometimes, I'm just selfish and want all the love and fresh ardor of early courtship...and I need to learn that married love matures and changes.
I started to grump about "you don't write me love notes" to my Loverbrains the other day...when I stopped abruptly...because it occurred to me that in his very GEEKy sort of way he WAS sending me love notes.  He's a texting poet.

I held out on the text thang for a long time.  Too expensive...too many ways for people to contact me ALL the time...but since I've given in...I find that I love it.  It's a good way for me to send love and encouragement to my friends and family....and my Loverbrains has noticed this too, as he sends me LONG texts and *tiny* texts of love to me throughout the day.

Ahh...the source of my has nothing to do with lack of blessings...and everything to do with lack of gratitude.  Sometimes being married to a quiet man means that I need to LOOK and listen for his attempts at speaking LOVE to me.

Remade beds and helped in wee hours with a sick Lubby (Don't worry he's fine now...dinner just didn't agree with him)
Sent an extremely sleep deprived MomE to bed early the next night.
Emptied the dishwasher (and cleaned off kitchen counters)
Was kind and sweet to me after I backed into garage door and broke it.
Sent me a text of reassurance of his love after I felt bad about same said garage door.
Asked me out for this Saturday night...a romantic dinner.

These little bits of communication really pave the way for the longer and deeper conversations.


Mac an Rothaich said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog:) When I read it I was like "EXACTLY". Appreciate it so much when someone really GETS what I am writing about!

LOVE your post. How sweet and fun and such a great reminder too! I realized reading this that texts are one of my man's ways of loving me too! He checks up on me all day long and sends little 'love you' texts. I am so much more appreciative of their value now that I have read your post!

p.s. You have a lovely looking blog!

e-Mom said...

You've got it, girl! When we begin to understand our spouse's ways of expressing love, and begin to appreciate them, it's a game changer.

(Sooner or later, you'll find he'll try talking your "flowers" and love song language too. And don't forget to A.S.K. directly for those things. BTW, it's OK to leave out empty vases, as a hint.)

Texting... I held out for the longest time as well. But now I love it for the same reasons as you do. e-Dad expresses his love with humor, and often his texts are hilarious!

Thanks for diving in and joining us for Marriage Monday, today Bobbi. A wonderful post!

Hugs, e-Mom

P.S. Oops, so sorry about the garage door. :~(

Barbara H. said...

Yep, I'd say you're well loved!

Sorry about the garage door! Hope it's not too much of a repair.

tonya said...

Chuck and I text, too. But we love to leave each other voice mails. I have about ten saved on my phone. Every so often I listen to them and sigh. Technology can be a good thing. :)

Anonymous said...

He's a good man. I'm so glad God gave him to us! He ain't ALL yours, ya know! Love, Mom D.

Beverly said...

Oh glad that you have eyes to see his love for you and that you are able to adjust your thinking and feelings to accept those love gifts. Many women go way too long missing those things and complaining about the missing parts rather than accepting the differences between them. This was pointed out to me again recently as I am prone to express the emptiness in me by pointing out some lack in my world (my hubby world). They boldly reminded me of something I had posted on FB! and I wanted to say "yeah, but!" But they were right!

Constance said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me some encouragement!!

I find myself repeatedly, as I read through everyone's posts coming back to the same thing: Our contentment in our marriage is in direct proportion to our intimacy with God the Father and His son Jesus Christ!

As we strive to be more like Christ and have His heart dwell within us, the easier it is to see the gift we have been given, our spouse! Looking at them through the eyes of Christ changes EVERY THING!! I find myself more patient and WANTING to serve him more and serving myself less! It opens the eyes of my heart to be more grateful, which in turn allows me to see his acts of love and service towards me instantly!

Marriage is hard work but the it is SO worth it!!