Friday, September 2, 2011

Flip Out Friday

Okay, I just have to get this out.


I am now taking a new route through various subdivisions to pick up my darling daughter from half day Kindergarten.  This involves several left hand turns onto busy-ish roads.  I have no problems with making left hand turns.  I'm a very decisive driver...just as my parents taught me.

My problems come with drivers who are headed straight across the busy road.  They are going, they have the right of way.  BUT instead of taking the right of way when a gap finally appears in the traffic...they wave their hand to indicate that I should go first.

Isn't that nice??

...UM, NOOOO...

I would like to scream (and if they could lip read they would hear)...

JUST GO!!!..YOU have the right of way.  I don't trust YOU too see vehicles that you are blocking...that will hit ME...And just about the time I decide to go in front of will decide to go and probably hit me yourself.  I just want you to follow the traffic law...Please...puh-leaze...just we could all just get there some day!!!  AHHHH!


Thank you...I feel better now!  Anyone else have things like this that just drive them mad!?

Hehehe...didja see that nifty little pun there....I feel so witty!


Pastor D said...

Too bad for you that you are so much like your father who taught you to drive.

Barbara H. said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels things would go more smoothly if people would take the right of way when they have it. I run into this a lot, too, when crossing a street or parking lot - I wait for the oncoming car to go by, then it stops, then by the time I realize the driver is waiting for me, I think, it would have been quicker for both of us if you'd just gone on.

David Andrew said...

Try having my job sis. :)