Friday, May 25, 2012

Frugal Friday!

I got a HUGE bag, FULL of pockets, at a garage sale for $3. It was perfect for my purposes...except it was missing it's shoulder strap!  I had intentions of just buying plain canvas strapping...but it looked so boring...that I decided to fabric cover it. 

I talked to a gal at my fabric store that makes purses and bags...and she suggested covering the canvas strapping and using fusable fleece...NIFTY stuff!  Then you simply fold your ends in and sew them down!
Fabric, canvas, fleece sandwich!
I was going to make it adjustable...but it's a HUGE bag...I will only sling it over my arm for the short walk from parking lot to, I saved myself a headache and $5 of additional hardware.
I did purchase $5 for clip hardware...for ease of purpose...I could have attached it directly to the bag and saved myself a few bucks but this moves on a swivel and lets the bag ride easier on my shoulder.
There she is all pretty, packed and ready to go...STILL have oodles of space inside.  LOVE IT!

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