Thursday, May 10, 2012

Looking Forward to Redeeming My Time!

My favorite Bible Study Fellowship has opened up some tough questions lately...Those who follow my blog will know that I have a strong evangelistic bent...but I go through my periods of playing the chicken.  You see, I fall into thinking it's all about my power and ability...and because I'm not depending on the Holy Spirit's leading...I wimp out and remain silent.  Even when the opportunities are glaring.

Remembering what we are taught and living by it results in Divine power!  I need to ask myself...Who am I?  And what am I doing here??  If His Holy Spirit truly lives in me I'm imbued with His power...I need to appropriate it...whether it's asking patience with my children or boldness for the gospel.  My focus can be ability to love can be impact can be His!!

So, I started by confessing some time stealers.  I'll admit a top two were Facebook and Pinterest...and although I haven't made a choice to cancel...I have sent some prayerful boundaries of their usage in my life.  For now.  So, after getting rid of some of the Yuck...I prayed and went out to buy a kiddie pool.

Now, before I share this story...I want you to know that although I was going out with a willingness to be used for the gospel...the words that came out of my mouth were ALL GOD!  I'm telling this to encourage you...if God can use a little blabbermouth like me...Who knows what He can do with you.  

When I got to Wally World...all the pools were outside, filled with water.  I had to wait for assistance...and man, they had to work to help me!  Those things are HEAVY when filled with water, ya'll.  As one of the nice gentlemen helped me shove it in my van...I said, "You know, I really appreciate your help today.  Water is so just makes me think how amazing my God is...that He puts the waters of the oceans in and out each day...and I can't even haul my kid's pool across the yard."  The man looked startled.  My heart POUNDED!  He leaned in and whispered, "And HE tells them right where to stop on the shore!  Our God is amazing.  I don't know what I'd do if He hadn't saved me!"  WOW...we each had tears in our eyes.  It sure made my day...(not every opportunity brings you face to face with a believer let me tell ya!)  I hope it encouraged him too.

So, later that night...I tell my sweet Loverbrains, I joined the ranks of the super Jesus Freaks!  But again, it wasn't was GOD.  I was behind a sweet older lady at the grocery store.  It's a store where you can only use cash or debit...and she was about $20 short.  She was holding up the line...and it was getting tense.  She was blushing and looked on the verge of tears.  I argued with God in my head for a good 22 seconds... felt like hours....and then out of my mouth popped, "Mame, how much are short?  Here...I have $20...please take it!"  The cashier (who I've been trying to talk to for YEARS) looked at me bug eyed.  The lady asked me, "Why would you do that for me?"  And I was able to share how much God has blessed me...and how paying for her groceries was a tiny picture of how Jesus paid for ALL my sins.  It was AWESOME!

I will probably never see these two people again...maybe, but I live in a's not super likely.  But I want to live with this life principle in mind...God's people are to be ready for the day of the Lord!  Outreach should become habitual!!  I want my life to show that I am God's...that what He has gifted and equipped me with I will live out by His Divine Power.  I've heard this quote...don't know who said it, "We aren't looking for something to happen...we are looking for someONE to come!"

"If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land."  2 Chronicles 7:14


Angel said...

What a wonderful encouragement and testimony to how God can use us to be a blessing when we are willing to accept His blessings. Great post!

Anonymous said...

I'll be sharing your stories with others. What an encouragement and example. Love, Mom

Pastor D said...

Love you, kid. Keep it up.

ozjane said...

So special...I did some blog sharing the other day, other than photos and or not read but I am going to write.

I had an interesting experience a bit like yours at the post office in our local newsagents. A lady was picking up parcels and she gasped and said how will I carry that. I are not going to try and walk are you......she said yes. I said where do you was a couple of miles away and so I said, my car is outside..hop in and I can take you home. She was so hesitant and the post office ladies,who like you I have shared with over the years...said...its ok she is safe we will vouch for her.
I was so glad I gave her a ride...she would have had trouble making it even on a bus. I did not say anything but had gospel radio on and a Bible on the back seat so hope something registered. God knows.