Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Cup of Hodgepodge Wednesday


1. April 15th is the deadline for Americans to file their state and federal income tax returns.  What's a job you do on a regular basis that could be described as 'taxing'?
Cleaning the kitchen...It seems like as soon as I get it clean it is messy again.  Every surface covered with cups and dishes...the stove full of skillets.  I'm a clean and you go kind of's just the aftermath of all my good cooking! Ugh...
2. I'm participating in the April A-Z blog challenge, and the Hodgepodge happens to fall on Day O this week. In keeping with that theme...olives, onions, oysters, okra...of the foods mentioned, what's your favorite O food?
I like them all....hmmmm my favorite...I guess I'll go with olives...Kalamata olives in a nice Greek Salad. 
3.  What is something memorable you experienced as a child that your own children (or future children/nieces/nephews) will not get to experience?
I recently realized that my children do not understand phones...with a mouthpiece and ear part...they aren't sure how to hold my just works better to put the grandparents on speakerphone and set it on the table.  They seem to think they should look into and try to see the voice inside anyway.  I'm sort of glad that we won't have to deal with phone cords...I still remember how ours would get dreadfully tangled! 
4. Term limits for our elected officials...your thoughts?
If there aren't term limits and individuals unnamed get to decide how long they stay in power...isn't that a totalitarian dictatorship?  Especially if THEY decide they get to stay legislating when they are supposed to be a part of the executive branch. carried away!
5. On April 18th, 1775, Paul Revere made his famous 'midnight ride'...when did you last make a midnight ride?  Perhaps the fate of a nation wasn't hanging in the balance, but tell us where you were headed anyway.
My midnight rides have been to the ER with my son.  His life was hanging in the balance.  Equally scary.
6.  What would freak you out more...a mouse running across your floor or a big fat hairy spider?
Mouse...ew ew ew!  Spiders I can squish...
7. I love it when people ask me________________________?
If I'm having any  more babies when I'm enjoying someone elses newborn.  What?  Young women can't cuddle a baby without the suggestion that they should have more children?  Sheesh.  This is your business because?  No, I'm done, thanks....I have no womb ache...I just love me some squishy baby succulence...especially when I can return it to its mother and go home and sleep through the night!!
8.  Insert your own random thought here.
Loverbrains has returned from yet another business trip to China.  The bullet train he got Caleb is awesome...the un-awesome part is that it says the equivalent of "get on board or we're leaving without you" in Chinese with a three tone tune...over and over and over and over.  And...there's no way to remove it's batteries.  Sigh...


April said...

Sounds like you might have to consider packing that train away to save your sanity. ;) Middle of the night trips to the ER are never fun. Been on a few myself. I remember those long phone cords. I'd take ours when I was a teenager and wind it through our kitchen, living room, and bathroom in order to have some privacy.

Joyce said...

I wish you could come by for tea too : ) 'Tis a season, and a traveling husband can make the season feel long somedays. Hope you have a weekend filled with R & R.

The phone thing is so funny. We were in my husbands fraternity house last year, back for a little reunion, and they used to have a phone booth in the hall. The 'kids' who live their now told us they thought it had been a bathroom. We said no, it was a phone booth and one of them asked, 'What's a phone booth?' I'm old : )

retired not tired said...

My grandchildren are into Skype now. They don't talk to us unless they can show us their latest outfits or latest boo-boos.