Thursday, April 18, 2013

Springtime {pretty, happy, funny, real}

round button chicken

A burst of Springtime sunshine flooding the house...with a bright flash of happy turquoise!
If your kids happen to proudly present you with flowers you'd rather they'd left in garden...enjoying them in a cobalt blue bottle and giving them a place of honor is always the right MomE thing to do!
After making hundreds of fabric yoyos...I've finally started attaching them to each other.  Yo yo pillow here I come!
Awful carpal tunnel pain in left hand from holding binding while a REAL reminder to use the clips I got at Quilt Camp last year.  Ouchie!  Plus quilt almost ready to mail!!


Anonymous said...

Your yoyos look yummy! Do I get a pillow? Mom D

Bobbi said...

Mom: Well...we'll see how many I have left over...these yoyos have many of the same fabrics as my beautiful quilt from, it'll go great on my bed!!

Rebecca said...

Another Mama with a cobalt glass fetish! Wa-hoo! I actually posted a picture of my children-brought flowers in blue glass this week too! hehehe

Good luck with that yo-yo pillow. I have done them before and they take some serious time (or atleast, did for me!)

bobbi @ revolution of love said...

I admire people that have sewing skills (since I have zero) and when we have the same first name, well, you know they rock. ;-) I love your funny photo. It could also count as pretty!

Leila said...

Oh, yes, clips. Very important! Thanks for joining!