Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday Tute

In an effort to post more...I'm putting the weekday alliteration to good use! Hey, it works for my menu planning...ask anyone who has experienced Taco Tuesdays at our house!

Soooo...tis the season...that the caffeinated awesomeness that is iced coffee comes back into my life. If thirsty I just drink it black over ice...but I'm a snob and have trouble using old morning coffee for that purpose. Therefore, this TUTE (tutorial) is for using that cold morning stuff in the bottom of the pot.

I add about two inches half and half, the Splenda packet and then one big ole gorpy spoon of SCM!  Yes, gorpy is a technical term.  Feel free to gorp up the sides of the glass...it leads to ribbons of happiness in your glass later!
Enjoy outside in the Springtime...working on your favorite Bible Study...ahhhh!


Anonymous said...

What is SCM? Mom D

Bobbi said...

SCM= Sweetened Condensed Milk