Friday, April 12, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Here...

Five Minute Friday

One of my be HERE!

I know it is a blessing to be the Domestic Engineer, the Heart of our home...but so often I find myself over involved in a multitude of good things and so rarely HERE! And even though I've been blessed with good organizational skills...and can still have a tidy home and meals on the table (thank you Crockpot)...When I'm running all day's hard to be HERE even when physically present!

I need to slow down. To be truly be HERE. To be sure I'm only doing what I've been called to do...and not all I can possibly squeeze in...or want credit for...or all the things that other people think I should be doing.

I need to capture the I can see the Divine Appts. And today, I'm home with a mildly-upset-tummy-boy...who needed some extra attention and loving. I sew and he plays with my button collection. I blog and he chats with me about the "letter of the day." And although there were other plans for the day that had to be shelved...I wasn't there...I was HERE.

I am HERE...I am blessed. God is good.



Hannah said...

Hi Bobbi, I'm linking up from Five Minute Friday. Isn't it funny how our circumstances can change unexpectedly with things like illness, and the consequence is that we suddenly realise how much we have to slow down, and need to just be 'here' and present. I hope and pray that in your slowing down today, you will see the divine appointments God has for you all the more clearly : )
p.s I love the photo of the peony and coffee cup- peonies are my absolute favourite flower!

Rachael Rennard said...

This is a great reminder... especially about slowing down. It is so hard sometimes for me to relax and breathe in the moment. I'm always thinking about what's next or what could be done. I am now reminded to slow down and appreciate the moment! Have a great weekend!

alyssa zech said...

Hello FMF friend!
Isn't it crazy how it can seem that by making to do lists we would be more HERE? But rather they seem to be a distraction! Here is to living HERE!

Denise said...

Awesome reminder.