Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March Hodgepodge!

1. The expression 'mad as a March hare' originated with a fictional character who is distracted and frantic. When were you last 'mad as a March hare' and what was it that made you that way?
The only time I can think that I've been distracted and frantic has been when our son has allergic reactions...the ones that end up in ER.  I try very hard to stay under control and I actually handle the crisis just fine...but everything feels in slow motion and crazy fast all at once when your baby can't breathe...or is getting IVs. 
2. Mardi Gras this year falls on Tuesday, March 4th. Have you ever been to Mardi Gras, and if so what did you think? If not, do you have any interest in going?  Purple, green, and gold are the colors of Mardi Gras. Which one is most prevalent in your wardrobe? How about in your home?
I'm not a Mardi Gra-er...but one of my favorite restaurants is Yatz Cajun Creole and their decor is very Mardi Gra...does that count?  Green is probably most seen around my house.  I only wear gold jewelry...and I really don't care for purple.  I'm not gonna say hate....but...
3. Are you old fashioned?
Let's just say for someone in their mid-30s I relate really well to people older than me....generally a lot older.  I read, quilt, can, garden....Hahaha...spelled BORING!  But, I make it fun!!!
4. Do you carefully plan your vacations, or do you prefer the days to be more spontaneous?
I control freak it out to the minute carefully plan our vacations.  Actually, I'm getting better.  I do have trouble planning to do nothing.  I need nothing defined.
5.  March is National Sauce Month...what's your favorite sauce, and what do you most often top with this sauce?
Montgomery Inn BBQ Sauce.  I will eat it with a spoon.  Oh, and I would generally tell you I hate BBQ sauce.  Yeah...I didn't say it was logical.
6.  What's something that easily brings a tear to your eye?
Those youtubes of soldiers coming home. 
7. If you could own any sports team, which one would it be and why?
I have no idea...I don't watch sports.  Really.  :-)
8.  Insert your own random thought here.
It just shows to go ya...that we humans are never satisfied.  I've been belly-aching about this long winter for...well, all winter...and now that Spring approaches I caught myself complaining about the mud.  Somebody shut my mouth!!



Yes, the soldiers coming home ... I can hardly watch.


Joyce said...

"I need nothing to be defined" -Ha! That's good! I know what you mean : )