Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Musings...

Guess who's thinking of ditching Facebook again?  ME!  Here are some various and a sundry thoughts on social media in relation with spirituality...Do I check in with God as often as I check in online?  What if I treated my Bible like my phone?
 Email and the Holy Spirit
What if...
Should Christians be on Facebook?

Lent approaches...and just as I use Advent as an opportunity to teach my Sweet Boobahs spiritual lessons I've embraced this too.  My friend Janna shouts it rather than recreate the wheel I'll just let you hear it from her soapbox.  Like her, I was not raised celebrating lent...but have found it useful in teaching my children and talking to people about Christ.  She shares books, songs, decor and more.

I found these awesome FREE calendar downloads in case anyone other than myself loves this stuff!

Occasionally, I quilt in my friend Tammy's basement...and her sister, Trisch Price, just wrote a quilting book called Accentuate the Negative....and she also blogs with several others at My Stars.  Neat...nothing like name dropping on a Monday.  Snort...harhar.

I'm off to get some sewing and reading done...and maybe a cup of tea.  I've just discovered TAZO...ahhh, help me!

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Nonnie said...

These are things I have pondered often myself. The article by R. C. Sproul was excellent and the questions he asks are valid. Thank you.