Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Musings...

Spring is coming...see my mini irises peeking up?! Yay!!
Humbling---via Barbara's Stray Thoughts---  Next Avenue's "8 Things Not to Say to Your Aging Parents"--  This makes me think of how I speak to my grandparents and parents sometimes.  My so, so ugly.  I resolve to do better.  Oh Lord, please put a guard on my lips!

The Gospel Coalition had Greg Forster's great article about the Frozen movie...The Cold that Bothers Us!  Very interesting! ---I'd rather watch this stuff with my kids and be their spiritual filter than forbid it...Teach them to being discerning yourself.

It's all about Perspective!  WOW...this is so neat!!  I have a very colorful favorite!!!  Check out the Netherland Tulip Fields...among many others.  What a marvelous Creator!!

New City Catechism with John Piper ROCKS!  We are loving it...check it out.  We are using the short version because our kids are young.

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