Friday, December 26, 2008

Advent Conclusion...

We just concluded our first year of celebrating Advent. We made changes as we went along and came out with something we really liked. We added a song to each night in addition to the scripture verse, prayer and candle lighting.
First Candle symbolizes HOPE--so we sang, "O Holy Night"
Second Candle symbolizes PEACE--so we sang, "Silent Night"
Third Candle symbolizes JOY--so we sang, "Joy to the World"
Fourth Candle symbolizes LOVE--so we sang, "Jesus Loves Me"
Fifth Candle symbolizes CHRIST--so we sang, "Away in the Manger"

A song was added each Sunday night...and by the last night it was a lot of singing. The kids really seemed to like this...Caleb grinned and bopped very cutely! Emma belted out Jesus Loves Me and Away in the Manger. It was neat. They loved the candles...and were very good while Daddy prayed and read the Bible! Overall, I'd say it is something we will look forward to eagerly next year. Every year we will be able to share more and more with them!

Here is a picture of our Christmas dinner table. We set a place for Jesus' and talked about it being His birthday. We talked about Him being in heaven ('cuz Emma wanted to know where He was, 'cuz His seat was empty) and we remembered His being born in the manger. We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus too!


Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

I wanted to do Advent this year but just didn't/couldn't. Next year! I love what you did...those are some great ideas.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Bobbi, Well, this won't be anonymous to YOU. Your "Live Traffic Update" says that I'm from Upington in Northern Cape, but actually as you know we are from Kimberley, also in the Northern Cape of South Africa. We're so pleased as you are teaching your children about Jesus' birthday and focusing on Him. That's so great. May God bless your efforts and cause your children to "get it" a little more each year. Enjoy the new year and your growing family! Love, Sonia