Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen...

So, I thought I'd try something new...Thursday Thirteen looked fun and different...I had no idea it was so they say, "It's more than a Meme, It's a microcosm." I looked up microcosm for ya'll...according to Webster's it means A little world; miniature universe. A relatively small object or system considered as representative of a larger system of which it is a part.

Thirteen of my Favorite Christmas ranked order.

1. Springerlie (This is an old Dutch family recipe...anise flavored..ugly...and very addictive)

2. Raisin Filled Cookies (Jack and Mary Vaughn makes the very best!)

3. Molasses Cookies In our family we argue about Henry C. (my great grandfather's) or Mary V's (family friend family)

4. Jelly Jewels These have a blob of jelly in the middle. In my opinion they should be bite sized and made with jelly that tastes good...not looks NO MINT JELLY...yuck!

5. Snickerdoodles Cinnamon and sugar...yummo!

6. Frosted Sugar Cookies I don't want many...but they are fun...Can't wait to do this with Emma this year!

7. Apricot Balls (gluten free--I almost got really sick eating these last year. My Mom made me A LOT of them!)

8. Citrus Macaroons (gluten free--my hubby loves these. They aren't very citrusy...I wonder if I could add an extract.)

9. Pumpkin Cookies (another of my hubby's favorites..of course he loves pumpkin pie so...)

10. Chocolate Crinkles (cuz they are easy and quick to make)

11. Gingerbread Men (yes, have to have legs to bite off too.)

12. Peanut Butter Fingers (yes, I know...not really a cookie but work with me people!)

13. Pecan Pie (I think this is only fair...because should be a cookie!)


Brenda ND said...

I love the snicker doodles, the gingerbread people and the sugar cookie cutouts. Happy TT!

MInTheGap said...

Ok, enough of getting me hungry-- good thing that cookies were just brought to the office.

Happy TT!

Paula said...

oh how I love cookies

Carol said...

MMmmm....cookies! Email a sampling to me, wouldja?

Merry Christmas from She Lives!

Alice Audrey said...

Welcome to TT! Come on by and visit me too.

I've never had a Springerlie before. How ugly is it?

Nina said...

I have been enjoying the holiday goodies all day long. I love the holiday cookies.

This was a great TT!!

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

I kinda got sidetracked once I read number 2...that's food in my food.