Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thursday Thirteen...

Thirteen Things I Like About Christmas.... (okay, it's lame...but I can't think of anything else)...

1. This year I enjoy being HOME and not travelling!

2. Lots of smiles!

3. Snow...even if we didn't get any this year.

4. Playing with the stuff you've been looking forward to....especially since as an adult I usually pick my own gift out anyhew!

5. This year we are loving advent...CAN'T WAIT to light the final candle tonight. Pictures are coming!!

6. All the fun Christmas movies on TV at the same time!

7. Relatives close...and calling if they aren't!

8. Grams...she gets her own slot this year cuz she's here in person!

9. Good Christmas books to read...Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever!!!

10. The Bible story...from Luke...always is wonderful!

11. Time with my hubby. It feels like Saturday when he's home! The kids love that!

12. Lots of cookies. They are SOOOOOO good...for you!

13. Remembering the REAL reason for this celebration....the birth of JESUS CHRIST...our LORD...and SAVIOR!!!

Thursday Thirteen is ending...this will be my last one...I guess! This just figures... Everytime I start a new Meme they end it. Maybe it's me...just kidding! Here is their final case you are interested.

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