Friday, September 24, 2010

Caffeinated Randomness: Tagged...You're it!

Barbara from Stray Thoughts tagged me with an 8 Questions meme, in which she asks 8 questions, I answer them, then make up 8 new questions to tag 8 others with. I'm choosing to tag all the lovelies that participate in Caffeinated Randomness today!  First, here are Barbara’s questions and my answers:

1. What is the greatest benefit you receive from blogging?
 The ability to share my kiddos funtimes with missionaries and extended family....The chance to throw out my thoughts...zany, spiritual, deep or otherwise....AND SOMETIMES...even get comments.  Yeah!!
2. What was your childhood nickname? How did you get it? Are you still called that now? (Oops — I guess that’s three in one!)
My given name is Roberta...I go by Bobbi...but my parents still call me Bobbi Jo...ugh!  My Daddy calls me The Schmoe...based on a song he wrote that has rhyming lyrics...Bobbi Jo is a schmoe!  Only he calls me that!
3. Miracle Whip or mayonnaise?
Mayonnaise...the other is sickly sweet.  If you're at my house you'll have to sprinkle the potato salad with Splenda if you want a comparable taste.  Yucko...more power to ya!
4. What is your favorite season and why?
I always say I love Fall...and I do love the crisp air and changing leaves...BUT somehow I manage to block out the horrible HORRIBLE allergies part.  Humph!
5. When you are sick, do you like a lot of attention and pampering, or do you like to be left alone?
I would love to simply have MY TURN to be sick...but it seems that, being the MomE, I'm generally caring for someone else or needed to bounce back on my feet and keep going.  Ugh...not so fun..but this is my life!
6. Share one pleasant childhood memory.
I used to play for hours by myself.  I was an only child for 10 years.  I remember playing in these huge bushes in our yard...maybe they were lilacs.  I'd spread blankets among the branches and create rooms in my house.  I'd care for all my babies and dream.  Now I live in my dreams...I am the MomE, taking care of my our own little house!
7. Share a time a hymn ministered to you in a special way.
O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go by George Matheson and Albert L. Peace
Especially the second verse...O Light that follow'st all my way, I yield my flickering torch to Thee;  My heart restores its borrowed ray, That in Thy sunshine's glow its day May brighter, fairer be.
Go here to hear a clip...HERE
8. Describe your favorite coffee mug (or show us a photo of it). Why do you like it?
If I have to choose...I'll say this mug with no handles.  It has inlaid pearl pieces and you can curl your fingers all around it.  My Mom and I have matchy mugs!  
 I also like these handthrown mugs...because they fit my hand perfectly.  The owl one makes me think of seeking TRUE wisdom...and the other is just plain pretty!
Here are my 8 questions for the CR lovelies!!

1.  What is your favorite childhood story and why?
2.  What christian book, other than the Bible, has deeply affected you lately?
3.  What was your Pastor's sermon on last week??
4.  Chips or Popcorn?
5.  What is your favorite Christmas cookie?  I'm up for recipes too!!
6.  Do you have a favorite chair?  Are you brave enough to share a picture??  At least share why.
7.  How much (and of what type) CAFFEINATED (or, okay...sigh...decaf) RANDOMNESS do you daily indulge??  (I love Starbucks Verona...about 4 cups a day...iced, espressoed, latted, etc.)
8.  How did you choose your childrens' names?

SO, join in chiccies!!  Smiles and love to you today!!  Remember, Michelle is now hosting CR...


Michelle said...

There really isn't any substitute mayonnaise. I can't wait to do this next week. Thank you for joining in and your supportive comment. I really wanted to post my testimony but struggled with how much to share.

Barbara H. said...

Those donuts are making me drool.

Mu aunt's name was Barbara (I was named after her) but she went by Bobbye or Bobbye Ann. I never asked her why she spelled it that way. I wonder if your parents were influenced by Petticoat Junction. :-)

I am a Miracle Whip girl myself. :-) I've always thought of it as more tangy than sweet, and mayo always seemed more oily, but I can tolerate it. Most restaurants serve mayo only.

I feel about spring as you do about fall -- I love the warmer days and color after a drab winter, but that's when my allergies kick in.

I do know what you mean about not having any sick time as a mom. That does improve as the kids get older.

#6 was sweet.

I love that hymn.

I like the mugs, especially the first one. I like your questions, too! Thanks for playing along.

Pastor D said...

Hey, Schmoe! Why don't you want everybody to call you that?


Anonymous said...

I'm not a CR but I thought I would respond anyway. :-)
1. The story that sticks with me the most is Heidi, I think because I loved the shirley temple movie and it was the first chapter book i read and finished by myself.
2. i'm currently reading "the mission of motherhood" with my mops group. it is pretty deep and helpful as a christian mom.
3. i missed most of the sermon this past week, because of a colicky baby, so i don't remember, but based on my experiences I guess, "how to love your child through their pain".
4. chips, but only if they are Mike Sells BBQ. :-)
5. I love my grandma's cookies that she makes each christmas, my two favs. are the basic sugar cookies cut into shapes with icing, because my fav childhood memory was getting to decorate them each year, but the best flavor is the gum drop cookies, my favorite.
6. chair no, but my couch has a groove in it that is made for me. :-)
7. I'm a diet coke girl, not coffee for me. the more caffeine the better though. :-)I usually drink two a day. sometimes more if the day warrants it.
8. Marissa Louise means warrior of the sea, Louise is after my mom, i wanted my daughter to have a strong name. isaiah robert, robert after bill and his dad, isaiah because we wanted our sons to have biblical names. isaac coleman, coleman after my dad, isaac because it's biblical and starts with an i like his brother.- Gill