Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WFW: Comfort up!

My allergies have blessed me with a wickedly sore throat. I have awakened each morning of this week with a sorer and sorer throat. I'm drinking LARGE quantities of honey tea...heavy on the honey. It not only eases my throat but also comforts me.

My sweet children, who just need a reason to employ their handy Dr. kit, have fully examined and taken care of me. I thought it was Emmer-bean told her brother, Ca-Lubby, that "we needs to comfort up she can take us out to rides our bikes." Well, at least she's figured out that MomE needs to get back on top of things!!

Yesterday, I was reminded that comfort means to give strength. It's interesting all the things God's given to comfort us....tea, blankets, soft tissues, allergy meds, etc. BUT even more amazing, by far, is the incredible gift of salvation. I have reliable and eternal hope for today and the next day...and the next day.

May God bless you with a continual and comforting hope today, too!


Amanda said...

This is such a sweet WFW! Just so true...

Hope your feeling better now... the bikes are waiting lol!

ozjane said...

May He continue to comfort but also to heal that sore throat.

Mumma bear in me has to you ever gargle with cooking salt??
It helps.

lori said...

I LOVE this! We need to COMFORT UP those around us...your babes have such insight and wisdom!

you know my gramps always said gargling was for "sissys" sniff the salt water...ewwwwwwwwwww indeed, but it does work, if you don't mind feeling as if you've turned upside down in the ocean!:)


From the Heart said...

Love the verse. Pray you will be feeling better soon.

e-Mom said...

To comfort is to give strength... well, yes, I suppose it does! I never thought of comfort quite that way. Wonderful Bobbi!

Sorry you've been feeling so under the weather lately. Ouch!!!

Denise said...

Very nice.

nannykim said...

I am having trouble with allergies lately too. I have been on Clairden (which I have no idea how to spell--I take the generic). My ears are having lots of pressure. I love tea and don't need the excuse of allergies....however honey is a luxury for the sore throat!