Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Apple Season!

I just love it when they get along...awwww....which thankfully is most of the time!!
I LOVE gadgets that live up to the hype and THEN SOME!!! I love my gorgeous RED kitchenaide and her newest attachment! I jokingly say she's my third baby! Hehehehe!
I love the feeling of accomplishment and industry I have when I look at one day's haul and add it to my under the stairs shelves!! YEAH!!!

Happy Apple Season ya'll!!


e-Mom said...

That's a DARLING photo of your two kids.

And look at all that beautiful "fruit of your hands." Applauding!

(Hey, come see what I'm up to in the kitchen over

Anonymous said...

I've never actually had apple butter, nor would I know how to make it. :-) But it looks yummy. I have made applesauce though. Mainly because I make my own baby food for the kids. Although, it's probably a lot more bland than what you make because I don't add sugar or cinnamon, since it's baby food. But they always seem to enjoy it. Looks good. Gill