Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Alive and Puppying Along...

Yes, I'm still here...and we are still enjoying our Scruffy.  She and her Uncle Tiny (Mini Poodle) were getting along quite nicely by the end of our visit.  He liked to sniff and lick her...and she liked to pounce and nip him.  He did not think this was quite fair.  HA!  Poor old dog!
I took her outside the first morning (and only time)...it was snow/raining...and LIGHTNING!  I, yi, yi!  The things we do for our pets, ya'll!  I missed my fenced backyard!  Well, not a whole lot...I gave the job to Loverbrains!
Scruffy walked under the golden arches of Uncle Tiny's bathroom break and required a bath.  My Dad lovingly did this for us!  WOW...thanks.  Scruffy wasn't too thrilled...but she sure smelled nicer!
Scruffy loved Grandma...and would flip over onto her back and let Mom cradle her like a baby.  She took a few good, long naps this way!  She snores...hehehehe! 
Now we are home again...jigity jig...and Emmer-bean loves to sing made up songs to Scruffy.  She evidently likes them...and getting her pink belly rubbed!  Silly doggie!

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Barbara H. said...

LOL at the "golden arches!" Looks like Scruffy is getting well integrated into the family.