Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WFW: Trusty Terracotta?

I'll confess...I don't watch the news.  Well, rarely.  I'm more likely to pick up a newspaper or check the news online.  Why...well, I find that it disturbs me so deeply that I go off on various tirades of the soul and cannot (or don't) focus on the very important God given tasks right in front of me.

I shouldn't be shocked by the things going on in this nation (or others) where the Lord is ignored.  The nation that puts it's trust in anything but God will come to ruin.  Frankly, if we trust in anything other than God, we face certain disaster.  Only HE is trustworthy!

My study this week made me think of Emperor Qinshihuang's tomb.  He trusted in a huge terracotta army to protect him in death.  There is a huge excavation still in progress and it's said that there are a good 5,000 individual warriors...with horses...and weapons...."guarding" his tomb.  Very interesting, yet so sad!  You can read more specifics HERE.

And then of course, it hit me.  I put my trust in my own achievements.  I struggled for years as a SAHM that wanted to be counted by my past achievements of teaching third grade, instead of the blessing of simply being a mother to my two Sweet Boobahs.  I often get snippy and resentful with my husband if I feel he is not appreciating all I do each day.

I put my time into practicing music for church...but for my desire to not be "embarrassed by the performance"... or because I truly desire the song to minister to the hearts of my brothers and sisters?  I work on my Sunday School lesson...crafts, songs, stories...out of a sense of duty and the recognition I'll receive...or because I love those kids I pray for...and their parents?

But, my trust in those achievements is no better than a huge clay army.  My trust isn't in the right place when I'm attempting to do it all in my own strength.

"But I will sing of Your strength; I will sing aloud of Your steadfast love in the morning. For You have been to me a fortress and a refuge in the day of my distress."  Psalm 59:16

There is a day of judgment approaching.  The Lord Almighty is mustering an army for war. Is. 13:4  Are you ready??  Do you truly belong to Him?

If so....In what do you place your trust?  Where do you put your time and efforts??


ozjane said...

So true and so real an issue for any of us...especially those who do things in the public eye.....aka me singing in the worship team on I going to focus on being so glad to be able to be back on deck...or do I focus on worship?

Wanda said...

Bobbi, you've pointed out some subtle ways that we can begin trusting in our own terracotta. When reading the Word, it can be easy to see how foolish it was for them to trust in idols but fail to see the idols in our own lives. But thank God for the Holy Spirit that reveals.

Andrea said...

You raise a great point. I try not to look at the news because it is really disturbing. Unfortunately it filters in from other sources. I believe that God is in control and that His will prevails. While it is easy to trust in large areas where I know I have no control and impact, it is much more difficult to yield in areas where I think I'm in control. I've learned over the years that even the small things can't be controlled by mere humans and that we have to give everything over to Him. Thanks for the reminder that at best our efforts are just like clay armies and we can do nothing without God.

Barbara H. said...

It demands constantly readjusting our focus and checking our motives, doesn't it? Great post.

lori said...

I have a song that plays in the van that begins..."I was made for war....I was made battle Lord." I was listening to it yesterday and your words here are just confirmation...what battle? What war am I preparing for?

Good stuff here...and I just may have to "steal" my 10 year olds terracotta army guys (my parents brought him some back from China) and keep this post in mind...awesome!

peace Bobbi,

Missie said...

Thank you for your wfw! It is a strong message we all need!

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...


Michelle said...

I wonder if they make a terracotta phone?

Janis@Open My Ears Lord said...

Very thought-provoking post! Time to check on where I am putting my trust!