Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thankful Challenge & Cookie Time of Year!

For those of you who doubt I'm a messy ya go...the red kitchen aide just looks good no matter how much flour is around...sigh of happiness!
I made these Coffee Bites and found they were rather like biscotti (ooo, I heart)Easier than biscotti though...which is a plus.  I didn't make them Vegan...I used REAL butter instead of margarine. 

They do contain 1 T. of coffee...and I'm not sure how much caffeine that is...but Emmer-bean loved these and we had to be careful how many she ate.  My Sweet Boobahs bounce off walls without caffeine...I don't like to think about it as an energy additive
AND...I made pumpkin cookies too....for my Loverbrains!  They didn't seem quite cinnamony enough so I sprinkled some on the top for good measure.

Some of you may have noticed that I'm following along with the Thankful Challenge over with Leah at South Breeze Farm.  It is so easy at this THANKSGIVING focused time of year to still not be intentional about being thankful each day.  SO, this challenge provides a way to share your gratitude with others.  I love that you can do this in the sidebar...Head over and grab a button and join the happy group!


Michelle said...

So are you planning a giveaway with those amazing cookies. I'm hungry and am currently being lazy even though every one around here is screaming for mommy to bake some cookies.

the Wytch said...

Hi :) I found you at the Giving Thanks Challenge. Your cookies turned out perfect and they look wonderful. But, I am drooling over your red kitchen aide. I don't get jealous over many things, but it's red!!!! Wonderful blog :) Take care