Monday, November 22, 2010

BORIS? Nope, Scruffy Sassafrass!

My Sweet Loverbrains and I have been discussing pets in some detail lately.  We had 4 anoles...and now Mr. Dominant Guacamole Anole is the sole possessor of the terrarium. 

We thought about buying a Russian Tortoise...even came up with the name BORIS...har har!  But, the more I thought of the cost of that...and my wonderful childhood with SPOTS and Tiny...where I learned to be a dog lover...

...well, long story shortened....

.... we met Scruffy...and fell in love (er, she was a good deal $$$)....SO, we adopted her....and now Scruffy Sassafrass has come to live in our home...she is our dog...and we are her family.
She is a three month old Shih Tzu-Yorkshire Terrier Mix...or a Shorkie Tzu.  She is very calm and curious...She shouldn't do anymore than double in size...about Shih Tzu size...
She has one white front paw...awww!  She sleeps in her little kennel at night...and only cried for a few minutes the first night...then she calmed right down...She held it all in until 5:30....when our alarm went off and we took her outside.  No sleeping past the alarm anymore!! 
She takes lots of naps in her bed.  She was paper trained...but we are outside training her...and she has only had one tiny accident...because the corner of Emmer's room was set up with blankets spread out...and she thought that it was a pee-pee corner.  She seemed pretty confused when she got in trouble for that one.  She likes trotting about outside...and we are pleased. 
Of course, Loverbrains is her favorite person.  It sort of goes that way in this household.  Any other Moms out there notice this phenomena?...YOU care for them all. day. long.  AND who do they love best?  DADEEEE!  Humph...just joking! 
She is a HYPO-ALLERGENIC dog.  We have combed and brushed her and gotten no hair off that way!  She is not yappy...but very quiet.  We finally heard her bark when she saw the neighbor dogs for the first time.  SO hilarious.  He's a BIG BLACK LAB/CHOW...and he barked back...she ran yipping with her tail between her legs and hid behind Loverbrains' legs!  HAHAHA!
Yes, she has been spayed (neutered?) and micro-chipped.  She has her first VET appt. tomorrow afternoon!! 


Beverly said...

Sounds like just the kind of pet I would love to have...but I'm too scared of making the committment ...too many strings attached. And I assume that she would turn out loving Uncle Don best!

Barbara H. said...

Sounds like an ideal dog in just about every way!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to meet her in person. Love, Mom D

Anonymous said...

She looks a lot like Toto.
How much does she weigh?
We are glad for you. Everyone needs a dog. Now all you need is a cat to go with her.:)
Love, Great grandpa & grandma.

Shonda said...

Sounds like fun for ya'll. She is just adorable.

Shelley said...

Oh we are totally dog people in our family, your puppy looks adorable. She is a Yorkshire Terrior cross? I am from England and lived in Lancashire the country next door to Yorkshire!

Enjoy your new addition!