Friday, November 5, 2010

Caffeinated Randomness: Brain Melt...

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Hello from the land of migraine.  Ugh!  Since about May...I've had migraines.  The aura, the pain, the soinconvenientwithtwosweetboobahs....I logged them for awhile...and decided they were barometric.  A thunderstorm would come...and I'd go down like a felled tree.  They went away for about a month...I chucked my log (dumb) and now they are back with a 3-4 times a week.  SO, I bit the bullet and made a Dr's appt.  They can't see me until mid December.  I see some looonnnggg holidays in my future!

On a random note...I'm back to the indoor activities routine around here.  It's just so cold and icky some days that I have to keep the kids inside.  I'm doing playdoh, turkey with glue, and I think shaving cream today.  Sounds fun! We even made super cute ornaments out of acorns and fabric...too cute...and minimal glue gun burns!

'Tis the season to love your library.  I am going to start off my annual winter bio kick.  I'm using Barbara's Stray Thoughts bio list...should give me a lot to work on this winter.  I've sort of lost the "read all the Agatha Christie this year thing."  That's okay...I'm actually right on target for reading my Bible in a Year!  If you do that every year....well, good for you...but generally I start and stop somewhere in the summer.  My Dad told has to come before everything else...even blogging!  HAHAHA...I think he knows me!

Oh, and I'm on a cookie baking kick too!  We're having a cookie exchange for our women's christmas at church this year.  So, I'm trying out different things.  Well, that's what I'm telling and Apple Oatmeal Cookies!  Ooooo...drool drool!

Smiles and love to ya'll today.  Pray for me.  I plan to call the Dr's office and plea for an earlier appt.  Perhaps they have cancellations??  And before you ask...I've cut out all but one cup of caffeine a day...three weeks my coffee headaches should be gone...and yes, these are definitely migraines.  I'm totally blind in my right eye and see sparklers forever.  Coffee headaches DO NOT do that...

Kiss kiss!!


Michelle said...

Hey Bobbi, I'm sorry to hear about your migranes. I occasionally suffer from these, but have many friends who permanently suffer from them. I know one of my dear friends went off everything with artificial sugar and found that lowered the occasions she got her migraines. May be something to look into.

I know what you mean about getting used to the indoor activities. We're almost there. Can I make a suggestion that I know you kids would love - pudding finger painting. The same as finger painting, but edible. I use to do this a lot. The kids think it's great and you don't have to clean any dishes only the table and them.

Barbara H. said...

I am so sorry about the migraines. My middle son started getting them last winter -- never had them before in his life -- and then they started coming almost every day. Saw doctors, had various tests, refraining from caffeine didn't seem to help. But they seem to be gradually subsiding now. We suspected it might have been something to do with the old house they were renting -- possible mold or something. But -- who knows. Driving in bright sunlight still triggers one, though. I wish you well on finding the cause and cure. Do keep checking with the doctor's office about an earlier appointment. We've had some doctors who would take our names and call us back when they had a cancellation -- with others we had to check back with them.

Oh, BTW, my husband gets very bad headaches with changes in barometric pressure.

The eye thing scares me, though, as a detached retina can also cause flashing lights in vision. One time I experienced flashing, moving lights and flew to the eye doctor because I knew two people who had detached retinas and feared that's what it was, but I was told it was an optical or ocular migraine. I've had those a few times, only once with a headache, thankfully. Very disturbing! Hope you get some answers and relief asap.

I commend you for reading biographies, especially some of the old classic ones. So many people only want to read contemporary books that I fear a vital element of our Christian history may some day be lost and a whole lot of good example and inspiration missed.

I read the Bible through still but not in a year any more. I always felt too pressured by having to get my "assignment" done and felt I couldn't stop to think or meditate or study anything that particularly spoke to me because I needed to keep reading. Now I go at my own pace and occasionally stop for some particular study focus.

Anonymous said...

hey, i don't have migraines, but i have two friends that do. one gets them with the weather too, she gets knocked down, but she finds going to the chiropractor helpful? not sure if that helps you or not. the other friend, had a migraine everyday straight for 18 months. she had to quit her job, and live in total darkness, nothing worked, and she was in constant pain. She traveled to doctors all over the country but no one knew how to get rid of the migraines. finally, she found a dr, who did an experimental procedure on her, "nerve decompression" and it worked! praise God. the headaches went away and she's only had one since in the 8 months since the surgery. however, since it was experimental, insurance didn't pay for it, so she's stuck with a 15000 dollar bill to cope with. The point of all this is, it could be worse than it is:-), praise God you don't have to live with it everyday, and Also, God will provide a way, even if it is experimental :-) to relieve your pain. I'll be praying for you. -g

Anonymous said...

Hey kiddo.

I've had three and caffeine relieved them! And even staved one off.

Wish you lived closer so I could watch the babies and you could take a nap.

Love, Mom D.

Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

Oh no...I'm so sorry, Bobbi. I also have headaches when the barometric pressure changes - not migraines, but I definitely react to them. They are no fun.

I'm absolutely praying for you. Cancellations are always possible - are you on their list?

Despite it all, I am impressed by the activities you are doing with your kids! YOU GO!

I loved your words on my blog today - I hope you saw my response to you (I think it should have been emailed to you) I so appreciate you.

May your weekend be one of rest and chasing away the migraine. I'm praying.

Cheryl said...

Headaches are nasty. I've had about six weeks of headaches, but mine are above my right eye, and related to neck compression issues. My chiropractor helps a lot. Sometimes I do have to take a muscle relaxant if I'm out of whack at bedtime, or I wake up unable to move. A friend of mine (just to add to the 'my friend with a headache' tales) had awful migraines and finally found out it was somewhat related to gluten intolerance. Cutting that out of her diet cut out the migraines almost completely. Praying there's a solution to yours, too!

And I second the kudos for the great job you do with your kids in spite of it!

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Until you can get in and unless you have a problem with any of these, take aspirin (or motrin if you can't handle aspirin), an antihistamine, and swig it down with a caffeinated drink. Straight coke often worked well for me when I struggled before all my migraine prescription meds. (Tylenol won't be the same.)