Friday, January 28, 2011

Caffeinated Randomness: 2 Birds, One Stone...

I checked my e-mail, only to discover that I'd been tagged...not once, but twice.  Well, technically...the one is an award...So, I decided to "kill two birds with one stone" the saying goes.
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The blog award has rules (dontcha love that?) and it includes 7 things (convenient)...

Here are the Rules

First, thank and link back to the person who gave you this award
• Second, share 7 things about yourself
• Third, award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
• Then, contact these bloggers and tell them they’ve won this award

The one and only e-Mom honored me with this award.  She is herself a "christian mom, leader and go-getter" and leads many various and wonderfully random conversations at her C h r y s a l i s cafe.  Some posts are deep, some posts are fun, some posts are just plain helpful.  AND...for the record she is a fabulous e-Mom... e-mailing encouraging machine.  She can read between the lines of my blog.  She has picked me up and cyber-hugged me more than once!  Thank you!!

7 Random Things

1.  I always think it's so cool when people say they've got a word to work on in the coming year...and then I pray about it and come up with OBEDIENCE and ....sigh....HUMILITY.  Yiker-rama!  

2.  I love color.  I have a bright yellow foyer (the paint's called Number Two Pencil) curtains in two rooms and a red half-chair...and I have little glass pieces of turquoise scattered all around the house.  It doesn't sound like it works...I promise, it does!! 

3.  I had an epiphany...Winter is difficult for me..but not for the normal reasons.  It's really not so much the weather and general has to do with introspection.  I don't go out and socialize as much (note: VERY extroverted) and choose to read DEEP spiritual literature.  Things like missionary bios, devotional things on the tongue or prayer...etc.  I walk around in a convicted, conflicted haze.  One of my friends said...don't do it.  BUT...when else do I have the time to read that stuff...and I wouldn't want to miss out on what God is teaching me.

4.  Our family has a heart for missions and evangelism.  We live in a beautiful area with great schools.  Our darling daughter will begin kindergarten at public school this Fall.  Phew...I've been wanting to say that for a while now.  Although I know the opposite is often claimed, the blogosphere isn't all that encouraging to those of us who feel PUBLIC school is a calling too.   Yes, I am an educator...yes, I work on academic based crafts with my children...still doesn't make homeschooling my calling...

5.  I love menu to my grocery list.  I have been saving bookoo-bucks on our bill...and making oober healthy things for our family.  With an allergy baby (Ca-lubby eats no dairy, eggs, or peanuts)...this is so helpful.  It also helps schedules to KNOW what is for dinner.

6.  I've blogged for about three years, I think.  I've had about 5-7 followers that whole time...suddenly my followers has over the last week...and I'm sort of freaked out.  I mean, what is the etiquette?  If you follow me, do I have to follow you?  Sorry for projecting anxiety into that...but...eeekk!  I mean, thank you!  Oh, and I do have another blog...MomE & Loving It...that was actually my FIRST blog.  See the link??  I do more kid stuff's mostly followed by Grandmas and Grandpas. 

7.  I'm planning to get my Masters in Speech Therapy once the kids are in school.  Well, it's partially correspondence so I'll be starting before they are all in school.  Yes, education has lost another teacher due to their stupid bureaucratic nonsense.  And when I am out and pay off my bill...we are going to save up money...we're planning on adopting. much open honesty in one post.  Somebody STOP me!

15 9 Honorees
(By the way, there is no obligation to participate if your time is tight or your blog is award-free. However, please do feel complimented!)

1.  Michelle from Lost in the Prairies
2.  Kayren from Everything's Coming Up Daisies
3.  Janna (my newest follower) from 2 Cool 4 My Minivan
4.  Barbara from Stray Thoughts 
5.  Erin from It's Grace
6.  Jen from Finding Heaven
7.  Ozjane from Five Minutes of Fame
8.  Lori from All You Have To Give
9.  Bekah from Bekahcubed
...alright...gasp...I'm going to take e-Mom's offer and tell you that my blog time is limited...Sweet Boobahs want breakfast and I can't go a-hunting for anymore to fill the the handsome 9 it is!!



It's Grace said...

This was a fun post, I love reading more about people.

We send our kids to public school, too. As I said yesterday in my Mama's Heart post, I am open to home schooling. I'll admit, I want to protect them from the (few) teachers that spew their agenda and from the kids who have no manners or discipline at home. Wednesday a kid tried to set the middle school Grace attends on fire. This kid was also picked up a few months ago for possession. Sigh.

Where would we be without God? Scary to think.

Thank you for including me on this, I have a list on my blog today.

I see you live in Indiana. I'm sure Natalie has already noticed this, or you've already noticed she lives there, too. Would be so cool if you were close by each other.

Have a great weekend!!


Jen said...

Bobbi, thank you so much for the award. And, no, I don't think that you have to follow-back at all. Only if you really like that person's blog and you think you'll go there regularly.

Oh, and my kids go to public school. Well, my oldest because she is the only one old enough to go. I was a teacher in pubic school before I was a mom. And homeschooling is not my calling. I feel like for us, our kids are called to be lights in a sometimes dark place.

Bobbi said...

We would be bound for HELL without Jesus...that's where we'd be.

EXACTLY, how will there hear without a preacher? I'm interested to see the "Public School Moms (PSM)" come out of the woodwork...SO, how come I hear so many pushy homeschooling stories and not more stories about how PSMs are infiltrating public schools for Jesus? Yes, in spiritual warfare!

Let me make sure I'm being CLEAR...We are not sending our kids to public school because it's all we can afford, or because we don't think we can home school...We're sending them to public school because we consider it our be salt and light in the world. Just like other avenues are other people's convictions....this is not our second best is our FIRST choice!

Barbara H. said...

Thanks so much for thinking of me!

I'm afraid I don't like to menu plan and don't do it as much as I should, but I know it helps save time and money ad should do a better job at it.

Wow, you have a lot coming up ahead.

We home-schooled for four years when we lived in GA and weren't comfortable with the Christian schools around, but never felt it was our calling. I could not personally put my children in public schools -- I do believe it is a spiritual warfare but I don't want to send children forth to battle until they're trained. There was a time I felt no Christian parent should, but I've known several for whom it appears to be going well. I'm thankful the Lord has provided for Christian schools for us, but of course each educational route has its problems and none is perfect. I know you are the type of parent who will keep on top of things and keep alert and in touch with what's going on.

Kela said...

One awesome thing that I've found about the blogosphere is the diversity amongst Christian women/families.
Not every family looks alike..THANK THE LORD! Whose family would we choose to model after anyway?
We are a Homeschool family but one will NEVER hear me say a negative thing about anyone else that doesn't. We all have personal convictions and we answer to God.

I enjoyed reading your 7 things! and linking up from CR.

Much love to ya!

Kayren said...

Everyone isn't called to homeschool and I'm glad you know that you don't have to do it because you feel pressured, or the other way around. I know people who have flipped back and forth.

I don't follow back on everyone. I think I end up losing a few in the process, but that's not why I'm blogging. That's honesty too, huh? I love having followers, and when someone drops I always wonder who it was. I'm a people pleaser, so it's a little freaky, and I've thought at times to remove that on my sidebar, but it still shows up on my dashboard, so what's the difference?

We are like-minded in our missions focus. You knew Sparky went to Bolivia in October, right? Well, she's off to the Dominican next month (that just came up last Friday when a spot opened up) and to Nicaragua in May. Togo opened up for next Jan/Feb which is where she went last year, so she is super excited. We're praying for an opportunity for her to stay all three weeks. They are going to start discussing it next week.

Thank you for the award, sweet friend.

Michelle said...

Thank you so much Bobbi. I love awards. I won't be writing about the 7, but I will be passing this along when I get the chance.

I am a PSM. I looked at homeschooling before my daughter started school. It still intriques me but I don't know if I have the patience to do it. Our school is very Christian - at our Christmas concert the kids sang "Here I am to worship". I like that you acknowledge that our children are the light. My daughters friends are some of the few that do not attend church. I want her to reflect God's love and grace to these beautiful girls.

stephanie said...

Hey girl! So glad to find you blog today on caffinated radomness! Blessing n have an awesome weekend!

e-Mom said...

HA, Bobbi... you're SO sweet. You don't have to say all those nice things about me. Sniff... but I'm glad you did. *GRIN*

Anyhoo, loved your big revelation about public school. Our kids went to public through sixth grade. Private jr and sr. high school. Then public university. Your choices will work, assuming that's the direction the Lord is moving you. And Hey, it's not a forever choice, as we found out.

I love lots of color too! Oh yes, I was known as the C & M lady at my old interior design job. (Color and materials.) I miss those days. I think your scheme sounds so bright and cheery, especially in winter. We had butter yellow walls in our old house. Now we have pops of orange in a basically neutral space.

Using the inside days for introspection is a good idea. I do the same... but like you, I need to keep it all in balance.

Have a super weekend. So glad you're growing your Followers. You deserve to be read by many more!


e-Mom said...

BTW, our son's former girlfriend is currently working on her degree in Speech Therapy. She plans to go on to a Masters like you. You are such smart ladies!

alihsee said...

I'm linking up (late) from caffeinated randomness! Finally getting around to visiting everyone!

Congratulations on your awards.. well deserved!

J'adore the sound of your house! It sounds so colourful & gorgeous! Blessings!