Friday, January 14, 2011

Frugal Friday: Christmas Card Gift Tags!

KEEP PRAYING for The Simple Wife               
Have you ever noticed that the pretty fronts of most Christmas cards are blank on the back?  I had the zany little idea to make them into gift tags and bookmarks!
I cut the front off...and then cut them into 2 inch strips.
I try to keep them from 3 to 5 inches...
...usually I just cut about half way...
You can "fussy cut" to get cute snowmen in the middle!
Then...shape the edges and use a hole punch....
And you have all the gift tags your little heart could desire! 
You'll recall my love for scrap bookmarks...I used the scrap strips that were less than 2 inches for book marks.  I always use scraps of paper in never know when you'll find a good quote to mark in a book, or see a recipe on TV you want to jot down, etc.


e-Mom said...

Brilliant, Bobbi. I've made gift tags out of Christmas cards, but I never thought of bookmarks. Hey that's cool. (You're blessed to have a paper cutter!)

Vader's Mom said...

Wow. That's a great idea!
Thanks for sharing.