Saturday, January 29, 2011

Your Binding Opinion?

I've made a baby quilt for a friend.  The baby boy is due in, I'm doing great...dontcha think?

BUT...what color should the binding (border) be?  Green, Turquoise, Brown?  I plan to tie the quilt together with green, I think.  So, what thinkest thou?  All opinions welcome...well, unless you think it's ugly in which case...keep it to yourself.  HA!

The back is sort of wonderfully wonky...which was an accident...but I actually think it looks sort of cool.  The middle green is a small polka dot flannel.  The dark brown paisley is leftovers from the curtains I made for my Sunday School room. 


bekahcubed said...

Oh Bobbi--that is gorgeous! I think I'd go with either turquoise or brown. I just can't figure out which.

Actually, looking at it again, I think I'd go with brown. Turquoise might overwhelm and green might get lost.

'Course, you can do whatever you'd like--I'm sure it'll turn out well. What you've done so far looks lovely.

e-Mom said...

Gorgeous colors! I'd bind it with your lime green. But any of those colors would work. Have fun!

Barbara H. said...

Very cute!

I would have said turquoise, but then read bekah's comment. She has a point. I don't know -- any of those fabrics would work as a binding. (I'm so much help, aren't I?) :-)

Anonymous said...

I think brown would draw a dark line on the edge and one of the predominant greens would let the edge fade. So it's still up to you!! I know - thanks for nothin'! Love, Mom

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh what a beautiful quilt. You have done an awesome job! I think any of the colors would work as a binding but I lean toward the lime green.

Shonda said...

I would go with a turquoise. It's not the dominate of the colors. It's very beautiful.

ozjane said...

It is beautiful.

I would pick either the first from the left or the 4th or 5th if you have material. I believe a border is always better if taken from the quilt and the great and wonderful Marti Mitchell saw one of mine and commented that my doing that had made the quilt. The swelling in my head is almost gone.
I have picked up your award and written my 7 randoms but will not pass it further...but it was good to do it today.