Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy Hodgepodge


1.  This week's Hodgepodge is Volume 123.  What's something you've done recently that was as easy as 1-2-3?
Granting myself a few days rest after the craziness...easy...1, 2, 3....breathe!  Ahhhh...

2.  The Wednesday Hodgepodge also happens to fall on the first day of May ...what is something you may do this month?
I may plant the garden...still deciding what and if to plant.  The last few years have been so discouraging.  Too wet, too hot...Tomatoes obviously hate me.  I'm thinking herbs and wildflowers...with a cherry tomato plant cuz they seem to actually do something fruitful.

3. The Englishman Horace Walpole is credited as saying, "The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think"  How do you see it?
That's interesting...I get what he's saying.  It's better to laugh than cry, I suppose.  Something I heard today...Mature faith accepts God's ways. I want that to be me.

4.  May is National Hamburger often do you eat a burger? What are your must-haves when it comes to burgers?  I assume you vegetarians won't be celebrating so tell us what you'd like instead?
Well, now that we get half an organic cow each year...we eat AWESOME hamburgers and a bit more often.  I like everything on mine...but these are so good you could eat them plain.  They are like ground joke!  

5. Pansies, petunias, geraniums, impatiens...of the four mentioned, which is your favorite in a patio pot? Will there be pots on your patio this spring? (Or whenever spring comes to your part of the globe?) Who does the gardening at your house?
Red geraniums...a must have!  I remember the year my Mom starting testing out other colors than was hard...sniff sniff.  Just kidding...sort of!

6. When did you last (literally or figuratively) shout "Mayday, Mayday!"
Remember a few weeks ago when the dog ate rat poison? call to my friend Kelly pretty much sounded like that...yup.  Phew...I'm glad that's over.

7.  Say farewell to your April in ten words or less.
Goodbye...too busy, too much, too tired...Goodbye

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
Even as I write the farewell above...I look forward to May and wonder how I'll survive. much to do...end of school parties and projects, piano recitals, more alone time with business trips, swimming lessons, ministries ending, closing programs, summer planning, ....pant pant pant...I'm tired already!  Oh Lord...hold me!


Joyce said...

May is always such a busy month for moms with kids in the house. There is the promise of summer waiting just after so hang in there!

Barbara H. said...

I love petunias -- I have pink, white, and purple. I don't any kind of garden, though. We tried a few years, but ti was a lot of work for little results.

I remember May being so busy with end-of-school stuff and recitals and such. I'm glad it's not quite so busy for us now, but I do miss some of the activities.