Monday, May 13, 2013

Methinks Monday...

The archaic-sounding verb methinks, meaning it seems to me...seemed a cute way to share some serious stuff I've been pondering. A little levity with the gravity!
Methinks the technology is taking over.

 I know, an ironic thought from the gal blogging at you according to the alliterated muses of her mind. So, I'll try to explain these ponderings.

I've recently been forced to re read a book but this time in a mentoring situation. As with any situation where you are needing to prepare to teach and are often the one that is learning and changing...maybe more than the mentee. 

So, I'm toodling along and pondering what it means to be changed into HIS image...and the author hits one of my areas of irritation. The balance thang. How are we to be in the world and not of the world? How can we strive to be holy, as HE is holy...and yet be able to have a conversation about anything with our unsaved neighbors? Ever heard that saying, "They were so heavenly minded they were no earthly good."

 Methinks it is a hard balance. 

We cannot do this without God's help to plan wisely and take strict measures. Strict measures with ourselves...but not by alienating the masses. Jesus hung out with prostitutes and tax collectors...Methinks he wasn't a prude. That being said, I adamantly disagree with those who would excuse their own sin by saying they should go drink in bars with unbelievers cuz that's what Jesus would do! Jesus was SINLESS...He did not SIN to save sinners. Think about that. But, he also didn't stand on a box and say I'm better than you...that was the Pharisees, remember?

Methinks it's a self examination issue.

I know my own areas of temptation.  The Holy Spirit will guide me...and convict me of sin.  I need to be sensitive to the sin in my life...and ruthlessly remove it.  And I need to be sensitive with the sinners in my life.  The moment I'm shocked by someone elses sin, is the moment that I've lost touch with my own sinfulness.  So, that's how I ended up realizing that technology was becoming more my master than my servant.  I need to restrict its demand on my time.  I need to jump, not for the buzz of a text, but be in the moment of each Divine appt.  I need to memorize God's Word...with no excuses about having the time to do so...especially when I have time to check the FB, blog or watch a cooking show. 

Methinks it's good to re-evaluate those priorities. 

It's also good to think about what would please God.  Bricking myself into a fortress away from the sinners, just leaves me alone with a big stinky one...myself.

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