Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sew Saturday

This Sew Saturday has been good motivation to actually SEW! Yeah! I was invited to join a Quilting Group. Although I haven't made it to a meeting yet, I did start doing the block of the month along with them. This one is called "Slash and Dash"...and it's not really my style but was fun to make. It doesn't look square in the picture...but I assure you that it IS!
I broke a bunch of my coasters...soooo...I decided to make myself a few new ones!
AND...I haven't officially introduced you to my new machine. Her name is...okay...I need help.  Does your machine have a name?  If so how did you come up with it?  This is a Singer Quantum Stylist.  She needs a schnazy fashionista kind of name.  Hmmmm....
They turned out pretty cute. I've been holding onto these baby batik log cabins for a while...glad to be able to look at them regularly!


Anonymous said...

Good use of your mini batik squares! They'll be a nice pop of color. I never named my new machine... Just my featherweight. I don't know what I'd name her. Any ideas? Love, Mom D.

Bobbi said...

Kelly helped me name mine...Jazzelle! Flip your hair when you say! Very stylish and sassy!!

I'll ask Kelly...describe your machines characteristics and she'll come up with a name. Hilarious.