Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday...try try again.

Okay, the alliteration met a bump today. I couldn't think of a TH to go with gardening. Anyhew...I'm trying AGAIN with the tomatoes. My neighbor took out a big tree (okay, the storm did really) and now I'll get a bit more sunshine. tomatoes will turn from green to red! That'd be nice.
I love RHUBARB! It's fun to's fun to eat...but I can't seem to grow it successfully. My Dad likes to point out that he has oodles growing at their house.  And before you say anything...YES...I read up on soil types, etc.  I joke that when I've planted rhubarb in the past either it dies, or we've moved.  It's a joke, I'm not truly superstitious...but I jokingly mentioned it in front of my quirky, sweet neighbor and he promptly announced he was gonna pee on my plant!  LOL...evidently he likes having us as neighbors.  Yup, my rhubarb is doomed.  

I got the guy at the greenhouse to laugh...He seemed overworked so I put on some looney charm for him. I asked if they'd be getting any more herbs cuz I couldn't sing the song without it.  He looked puzzled and so I sang..."Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme"...You HAVE to sing to them ya know!!  I mean, really!!  They have 6 different varieties of BASIL and no rosemary, parsley or sage! 

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Thankful Thursday, since you are thankful you have food in your garden? :-) -gn