Friday, December 20, 2013

Fun Friday Linkys

I am and always will be a food gawker.  This is site is full of fabulous pictures linking you to fabulous food!  Bon Appetit!

One Pretty Thing
If you aren't inspired...take your might need medical attention!

Crazy Mom Quilts
I am so inspired by the Finish It Up Fridays...but only enough to gape open mouthed at all these woman are able to finish up on Fridays.  Sigh...Someday I'm going to finish something up and link in!

True Woman's Inhospitable Hospitality via Barbara's Stray Thoughts
What a good admonishment to make our home hospitable for our own families as we make it hospitable for others.  "A store-bought pie served with a smile is of much greater value than a homemade one made through gritted teeth. Don't work to earn gold stars and oohs and aahs this year. Work to put Christ on display. What could be better than that?"

A GREAT article by a Dr that performed the first-ever RU-486 abortion reversal

Macro-photography of Snowflakes
Wow...I just wanted to SING praises about how AMAZING my God is!!!

Free Printable Gift Tags
Freebies and DIY

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