Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday

For years I have pondered something called a "Jesus Juke."  I first heard the term on Jon Acuff's Stuff Christians Like.  While I don't always agree with everything he says...he does have an uncanny way of making a convicting point, often while making you chuckle.  I think he may have even coined the "Jesus Juke" phrase.

He says...
"A Jesus Juke is when you're having a normal conversation and someone tries to juke in some Jesus out of nowhere. For instance, if you tweet, "I'm so excited about the Super Bowl," and your friend responds with, "Don't you wish we were that excited about church on Sunday." That's a Jesus Juke. Being excited about the Super Bowl and church are not mutually exclusive."

For the non sports enthusiasts such as myself...Juke=To deceive or outmaneuver (a defending opponent) by a feint; fake.

"Don't confuse a rebuke with a Jesus Juke. One is done in love and causes change, one is done in pride and causes shame. They're antonyms, not synonyms."

It comes down to a heart problem. Critical Spirit and Snarky gone wild. My er, favorite this year...Only One Black Friday Offers Eternal Savings. Ugh...barf...are you kidding me?  I mean...I don't even participate in Black Friday and that bothers me.  But then, as I typed this, I realized I put my own on FB..."Only in America do people trample others for sales the day after being thankful for what they already have."  I still think that's kind of funny.  But..."if you propose to speak...first ask it kind, is it true, is it necessary?

These are questions that we should ask ourselves...There are statements that should convict usPersonally.  And that should effect change in our hearts and lives.

I will say, that having juked people, it isn't always really intentional.  I've been working on correcting things in my own life...(ie. gossip, etc.) so when I call it out it's not really to make others feel bad...although it did when I blurted out and juked the room with..."God isn't pleased with our gossip!"  Because this actually happened, not that long ago, I know that the better way to deal with the sticky situation I found myself in would have been to personally shut up (from the very beginning of the conversation) and not participate.  If questioned, I could have then *humbly* mentioned my own personal conviction on the issue and how I was trying to do better. 

In the past, I know I have juked total strangers and sullied the name of Christ.  I have also juked my family...and been called out cold for it.  That it should.  This Christmas season I want to SHINE and SPARKLE for Jesus...not just give people more evidence of my snarky pride and how it can inhibit the gospel message.  The Jesus Juke isn't witty, it isn't funny, it isn't good.  It doesn't please anyone...especially not God.

Only in very rare instances is it right to offer a rebuke.  It had better be the right person and the right timing.  I must always...always...speak the Truth in Love.  And just because I know the truth doesn't mean I have to tell everyone, all the time, either.  I need to remember there is one Holy Spirit...and I'm not Him!

If you're reading this and are thinking..."humph, she should talk"'re absolutely right...I stink at this...I'm writing in the hopes that I'll follow my own advice.  I'm hoping God will help me change to be more like Him.


Barbara H. said...

I understand what you mean. As a young Christian I felt I had to put a verse at the bottom of every letter, make some reference to Christ or Christianity in every conversation with the lost, put Christian bumper stickers on my car to "be a witness," etc. And if I was convicted about something, I felt it was my duty to be involved in convicting everyone else, too. Sigh. God id so patient with us. I think some people do this in sincerity if not in wisdom, but there are those who use it as kind of a spiritual one-upmanship which is totally carnal.

Nonnie said...

You are right. And I have been guilty of this probably many times. But really, not on purpose.