Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sew (Crafty) Saturday: Paper Ornament!

I saw a Pinterest ornament that came with no tutorial or true website. So, after a friend helped me figure this out...I thought I'd post a step by step. 

I used the pages of an old golden book that I'd bought and then discovered it was full of ripped and missing pages. was then available for crafting purposes.  I need to clarify this...I don't want anyone thinking that I'd condone this crafting with an intact book...*gasp*!!
You do need to play with this...these folds are purely the "general direction" sort of thang!
That way...then thisaway!
And...the lines....if you look closely you can see I made a few second folds...heehee!
A bit of Elmer's glue holds the folds and trunk on nicely.  Glue stick...whatever...knock yourself out!
Some glitter spray and a string hanger...and TADA!!!!

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