Friday, December 13, 2013

Jesus Juke Addendum

As I was mopping my floors, (hey, between that and the shower it's my best thinking time) occurred to me that sometimes the Jesus Jukes are most plentiful among those living life out HARD for Jesus.  This post has gotten me a few e-mails...not comments...go figure.  All very good food for thought.   I did mention that sometimes Jesus Jukes are from that personal conviction inside and it just comes out sort of wrong...with a tinge of pride attached.

But what I didn't address are those people that feel they CANNOT let a conversation go without spiritualizing it.  They are deeply convicted that this might be the last time they get to speak to someone about Jesus.  While I agree with this basic sentiment, and agree we must "make the most of each opportunity"...I think there's a few hiccups with this plan. 

What does it mean to make the most of an opportunity?  It means I must be rooted in a deep TRUST of God's Sovereignty.  I must be faithful in planting the seeds but it's HIS job to make them grow.  Relationships must be built first, because the SOIL often needs tending before the HEART is receptive to the seed at all.  I feel that those who are determined to spiritualize every moment...throwing out tracks instead of good tips...turning and twisting conversations into full blown Jesus Jukes, are making a grave mistake.  When that good seed does fall, it hits hard packed soil...made all the harder by the approach that was taken to get it there.

Sadly, Christians do this with each other...we feel we need to "spur each other on to good works"...and often end up just being a giant thorn in the soil.  Watch what you put on FB, ya'll.  Really.  I've been known to unfriend well meaning people for Jesus Juking my every status update.  Sometimes, I just want to be funny and moisten the soil of my friendships with tears of laughter.  Sometimes I do indeed want to moisten that soil with God's Word...but it is frustrating and can I say RAIN ON MY PARADE.  Sorry couldn't resist that pun.  But, no, seriously...sideways, holier than thou, Jesus Jukers can ruin MONTHS and YEARS of trust relationships and tilled earth that I've been diligently working to develop.'s not so much WHAT you when , where and how you say it!

Oh Dear Lord,
May the Word of our mouths and meditations of our hearts be pleasing to You...our ROCK and REDEEMER.  May each word be seasoned with salt.  May all the words we speak not elevate US but build other up in Christ Jesus.