Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sew Saturday: Sweater Mittens

I have the worst time finding mittens for Lubby Boy. They sell gloves for kids...not mittens. Why? Gloves are really hard to put on AND they don't keep their hands as warm. Soooo...I delved into the sweaters I love to upcycle. I'd made him a pair this way before...and I learned a few things. FIRST...Use the ends of the sleeves and make them they don't unravel and they cover part of the arm and won't come untucked.
PIN the SNOT out of it! This stuff shifts everywhere if you don't. Sew around it at least TWICE!
Have the kid try on the first one...
...before you move on to the next one!!  VOILA!

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Pastor D said...

Wow! Great mittens!