Friday, May 30, 2014

Fitness Friday!

Well, it's happened.  Loverbrains and I have cracked down on our eating.  We are generally pretty consistent following along a Low Glycemic index diet around here...but as with all good habits we'd been rather polluted with sweets and carbs...we needed to cleanse out.  

Sooo...we're doing a 10 day boot camp...

The purpose of Boot Camp is to minimize or
eliminate “Insulin Resistance” that occurs by
eating too many bad (High Glycemic Index
foods). Most of these are refined carbohydrates—
the foods that are located in the
center aisles of the grocery store. Insulin
resistance is an inability of some of the cells of
the body to respond to insulin. It is the beginning
of the body not dealing well with sugar (and
remember that all carbohydrates break down
into sugar in our bodies). Insulin resistance
promotes weight gain. So a vicious cycle can be
set up with insulin resistance promoting weight
gain, which promotes more insulin resistance....

Sooo...Daily exercise, No Sugar, No pastries, No breads/pastas, No potatoes, No rice, Only water (rations 2 c. black coffee). 3 meals, 3 snacks a day.

About four days in...the awfulness is passing...and we're feeling great.  And...
...with wonderful produce from our local Aldi (cheap cheap, happy happy)...we're eating well!
*Pause for cuteness...*

Yum....I feel good...nana nana nana na...I knew that I would...nana nana nana na....

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