Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thankful Thursday...

I'm thankful that I'm clumsy and trip over my toes and the cracks in the sidewalk with a good measure of wit and cheerfulness...  So that when her steps drag and her body is working hard...I have relieved a burden by offering grace in humility through my own non perfection and my honest friendship.

I am thankful that I have an ear for speech...foreign languages....accents....and God's love for people...  So that when when her speech is slurred and mixed with her beautiful New England accent...I can still listen and understand without frustrating her with constant repeating and explaining.  

I am thankful for the morning time I used to count as wasted and a personal found wanting...  So that while she can still walk and talk I can be with her...I am available...with open arms and no rush about me.

I am thankful for a time of being broken, depressed, humbled and hurt.  So that God can comfort, heal and build me up...and show me that I am so very blessed and have much left to give.  When I am weak...He is strong. 



bp said...

Our lesson last night at church was about the Great Physician and how the "operating" He does hurts yet it is beneficial and needed to help us become more like Him. I thought of this when I read your last thing on your list.

God bless your day!

Glad to have "met" you through Hodgepodge. I'm a new follower

bp said...

(following you through my reader Feedly that is!)