Monday, May 26, 2014

Fun Weekend Part 1

 Our beautiful family visited the Cincinnati Zoo! It was a gorgeous sunny day!!
 Ca-lubby was brave and pet a boa that a handler was telling about.  Very pretty!
 MomE and the Sweet Boobahs looked at money island together.
 Emmer-bean and Lubby show how tiny their hands are in comparison to the gorilla's hand.  Wow!
 This peacock was on the roof of the animal babies...and squawked and scared the bajeebers out of us!
 Here's Emma with her favorite animal...the zebra.
 The two Sweet Boobahs did some alligator wrestling too!
 Mama gorilla McKenzie brought out baby Gladys to play...she was cute!
We had a hard time getting this picture at the entrance on our way out...cuz another little blondie kept trying to get in the shot...hahaha!  Lubby's favorite thing was the Kamono, he got a "dragon"...and named him Smoke.  Emmer-bean got a lovely turtle necklace that changes colors with the temperature.  There was a GIANT snapping turtle, among others at this zoo.

A great time was had by all...Then we went out to Papadeaux and had alligator tail, frog legs, and some of the best sea food I've ever had.  A...mazing.  Then we visited Jungle Jim briefly...and bought special fun candy for dessert.  We missed living in Cinci a tiny bit...except for the traffic and construction.  Yup...I love me some Hoosier hospitality.

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