Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fun Weekend Part 2

Our family also visited the Creation Museum.  In case you can't tell...Emmer-bean did NOT like the animatronic technology...hahaha!
There was ALOT of interesting things to see and read.
Our kids did very well...being the beginning readers that they are.  That being said...I wish they'd been a little bit older maybe.  Or...that could have just been me feeling rushed.  It was CROWDED...and I really felt like I couldn't read and enjoy certain parts because we had to keep moving, moving, moving...or be trampled.
The mood changed when we went outside to eat lunch.  We were all tired from the day before and a lot of familial allergies/mild cold...So, it was a collective AHHHH to go outside after learning and being reminded of God's awesomeness.
We laughed and horsed around a bit...
Then we took a lovely walk through the gardens...on the floating bridge, suspension bridge, arched bridge...you get the idea.
Loverbrains thought making MomE nervous on the bridges was sooo funny.  Humph.
There's my little sweetness over the bog.
There are my Sweet Boobah's....awww!
We asked a stranger to take our picture.  She cut the dinosaur's head and tail off.  Hahaha...oh well.
It was a great day...but phew...we were tired.  We sat in the shade and watched the zip-liners go...and chatted with a nice lady from Memphis.   Then we were glad to go home to Indiana.


Joyce said...

Sounds like you had a full fun weekend! Your littles are so cute: )

Barbara H. said...

I've wanted to visit there some time.