Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy {early} Father's Day Hodgepodge

1. What is one thing on your bucket list? If you don't have a bucket list let's pretend you do.
Honestly, I had to google bucket list.  I've heard Joyce mention her's for a few weeks.  I was puzzled but not too curious.  I knew from the context that it was some special list.  SO, short answer is that I don't have a bucket list because I just figured it out.  I have things I'd like to do before I kick the bucket though.  Travel is near the top...anywhere really. 
2. What makes a good dad?
A man with his priorities in order...God, Wife, Kids...
 I love you Loverbrains!!

3. Are you afraid of insects? Which ones?
I'm not afraid of insects per se.  I don't want any crawling all over my body or anything though.  I kill the ones that bother me.  Mostly BIG spiders...ew...AND mosquitoes.  Around here they look like little, blood sucking BIRDS this year.  HUGE mosquitoes people...HUGE!
4. We're barbecuing...what's on the grill at your house?
Everything but the family dog.  Hehehe...just kidding.  Mostly chicken in various marinades.  We love using Italian dressing as a fast, zingy marinade...or painting it with BBQ sauce and letting it blacken a bit.  Yum...I'm making me drool!
5. Do you believe that playing is more important than winning?
For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith. Who is it that overcomes the world except the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?  1 Jn. 5:4-5 ESV
6. Do you tan? Use self tanners? Visit tanning salons? See your dermatologist at least once a year?
Usually, I stay as shaded as possible...and as pale as a ghost all summer long.  This year we decided to get a pool I'm slathering on SPF 50 very liberally.  I still got a burn on my back the first day out.  Ugh!  I don't go to the dermatologist but I should since after 30 my skin has decided to act like it's 16 again.  Argh!
7. Five years ago I would never imagine that today I would_be preparing my baby girl to start Kindergarten_.

8. Insert your own random thought here. 
Said baby girl got a touch of something nasty.  There's nothing like the reality that you are the grown-up MomE...when you aren't sleeping cuz you're listening for that gurgling up at midnight...and doing nasty laundry all day long with your sleep deprived little mind.  Ugh!  So far, no one else is sick.  That's my biggest blessing to recount for today so far.

In true Father's Day spirit...I'd like to thank my wonderful husband for helping me strip the bed at midnight...and for spraying nasty things off with the hose in the wee hours before he went to work.  Thank you honey....SO MUCH!!


Barbara H. said...

I stay pretty shaded, too, as I burn really easily and there is a history of skin cancer in my family.

A few months ago when my 17 year old was up sick half the night and I didn't even know it until morning, I felt bad that he went through that alone but relieved that the days of kids getting sick all over sheets was over. We had a big pot that I'd let them keep by their beds if they didn't think they could make it to the bathroom to throw up when they were little. It got dubbed the "barf bucket" and it really freaked them out when I would use it at other times for corn on the cob even though I assured them it was clean and sanitized.

Joyce said...

I love your pictures-those are special and capture a feeling. So sweet!

Yes-helping with a midnight vomit cleanup qualifies you as a good dad : )

sterlingsop said...

Your "barf bucket" made me laugh out loud (and I alone so yup, I feel pretty foolish!). A couple of summers ago my son got sick in our caravan during the night and the only thing I could find for him quickly enough was the fruit bowl. I just dumped the fruit out of it onto his sleeping bag and managed to get it under his chin before he threw up. Even though it got scrubbed out with boiling water and detergent whilst we were there AND it went through the dishwasher when we got home, he still refuses to eat fruit out of that bowl so we've had to make it redundant now. Tsk. And it was a great bowl for camping too. Kids eh?!

Tammy Doane said...

Yeah-for hub helping with 'barf'. Loved the pics and yes children go up so fast-enjoy the moments!!