Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Patriotic Hodgepodge

Notice DadE holding on to Lubby's hood...just in case he decided to dart out into the road!

1. What makes you stand to your feet and cheer?
A parade...a few years ago we taught the kids to stand and salute (cross their hearts) when they saw the American flag.  Emma said, "It's the one with all the stars and stripes."  I thought that many flags have stars and stripes...but ours is stars and stripes FOREVER!!
2. What's your favorite patriotic song?
God Bless America!
3. Do you believe that opposites attract? If you have a significant other are you opposites?
Yes, most definitely...My Loverbrains and I are certain proof.  We have often mentioned that if we'd met in high school we'd have hated each other.  I was the intense, dramatic Advanced English, bubbly extrovert.  And he was the intense, reserved, Advanced Math and Sciences introvert. We still are those things...but somehow it now works.  We've each mellowed a bit too.  That helps.  Okay, I'VE mellowed.  LOL!
4. You're going to get a behind the scenes look someplace...where would you like that someplace to be?
The Olympics?  That's a harder question than it at first appears.
5. How far would you have to travel to ride a carousel (merry-go-round)?
There's one at the children's museum downtown...about 20 minutes?
6. When was the last time you saw fireworks? What was the occasion? Do you enjoy fireworks?
Since having little children...we usually see them from the high way as we travel home from our fourth festivities.  I'm in a bad mood about all things fireworks because the rednecks around here think it's jolly good fun to set them off for weeks prior (and no doubt after) the big day.  All hours of the day and night.  I am a much lighter sleeper than I ever realized.  GRRRR!
7. Of all the 'beauty products' you own, what item do you consider to be the most overpriced?
Eyeliner...what is it made
8. Insert your own random thought here.
Thanks for all your sweetness last week regarding Caleb's smashed finger.  He's doing much better. The nail is bright purple...and he's annoyed that it has to stay taped to it's neighbor...but other than that he's fine. Praise the Lord!!


Joyce said...

oooh, The Olympics-good answer! That would be fun! This question got some interesting responses I hadn't thought of...I always like it when a question surprises me : )

Mary said...

The Olympics: that is a GREAT answer! I didn't even think about that!

Amiee said...

I like the part about how you said that you have "mellowed" a bit. It happens to the best of us ;)