Thursday, June 9, 2011

LOVERLY...{pretty, happy, funny, real}

The prettiest hanging basket I've ever pretty!

Organized outside games and toys...and the vintage village I played with when I was a little girl!!

We got a Venus Fly-trap...and as I was trying to get it in focus without success... ate it's lunch!  It made me JUMP!

The next victim??

My tomatoes are joke.  One is called a Goliath.  BUT, they are so tall they are leaning over...probably 2 ft. above my tomato cages.  Guess I should stake them??  Any thoughts or advice?

The swiss chard and peppers are doing nicely too!

round button chicken


Lori said...

A nice and tidy area for outside toys - definitely happy! Your hanging plant and tomato plants look wonderful. I love home grown tomatoes!

Anonymous said...

we cut bamboo growing wild in an empty lot nearby, stripped the leaves and used that for the tomatoes the year they grew over 5 feet tall. Good luck on your beautiful garden~

Barbara H. said...

I've never seen a Venus fly trap in action. That would be pretty cool!

Taylor said...

My kids would get a kick out of that Venus Fly Trap!

Lisa said...

You are a brave soul to stop and photograph a spider, instead dispatching it speedily!