Saturday, August 27, 2011

I have some issues...

Loverbrains returned from yet another trip to China on Wednesday evening.  Thankfully he usually handles jet lag fabulously well...BUT this time he was VERY sick...and tired. 

Before he hit "the wall" he shared his treasures with us...He was given a fancy box of moon cakes by a colleague...and we greatly enjoyed trying them all out.  It led me to realize that our SWEET is a lot sweeter than the Chinese equivalent.  I'm evidently more addicted to SUGAR than I thought.
And...speaking of minor addictions...
We had NO PHONE and NO INTERNET for F.O.U.R days!!  I think I almost went crazy!!  I couldn't find the answers to conversions, recipes, trivia, weather... was awful!
Before you pick on me...take a moment to ponder how you'd have felt!  Overall, it was a good "perspective giving" time.  NOT that I want to repeat it any time soon! major changes of conviction coming out of this one.
I'm all for monitoring your TIME...making sure you put FIRST THINGS FIRST (GOD, family, work, etc)...but absolutely NO access was brutal.  AND going cold turkey with no choices.  Oh, it was rough...rough!  *Phew! 

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Barbara H. said...

I understand completely. A few weeks ago we lost power just for a few hours when Jim was out of town, and I was frustrated. It was actually a little scary to think I had no way to contact anyone. Plus boring -- so much of what we do is tied to electronics. I've gotten so used to looking something up on Google that even while reading a book and wanting to go back and find a passage, I've wished I could look it up electronically rather than flipping through pages, lol! (That is possible if the book is on Google Books, but not many of the books I read are, and of course when there is no Internet access it's not possible anyway.)