Thursday, August 18, 2011

Imaginary Duct Tape?

Tis the season when I dump the fiction and plunge headlong into non-fiction.  It's a pre-hibernation thang.  I also tend to organize drawers and closets...something that's supposed to be done in the Spring.  I'm a bit behind...

So, what am I reading, you ask?  Well, maybe you didn't ask but I'm telling you anyway.

I'm STILL reading Spiritual Depression by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones...not cuz I'm a slow reader or that it's uber deep either; He's very understandable.  It's just a lot to chew on and swallow down.  It might surprise those of you that consider me a bubbly, optimistic extrovert...but I do hit my walls of spiritual depression from time to time.  It's good to be brought to the end of yourself...God has a purpose for all things...and this book is a great teaching tool.  It's so closely paired with God's Word, the end all and be all of instruction.

Here's one bit that came like a stick *whack* between the eyes...He's speaking of temperaments and feelings..."We all know the person who says: "I always speak my mind.  I always say what I think."  They say: "I am that sort of person".  The answer to them is that they should not be!  That does not mean that they can change their temperament, but it does mean that they should control it.  In other words, temperament is a gift of God, but as the result of the Fall, and of sin, temperament is to be kept in its place.  It is a wonderful gift, but to be controlled.  It is the same with feelings." 

Yeah, that's pretty much a big ouch to me!  So, I've been trying to control it...As my Dad has often told me..."You don't need to tell everyone everything that you know about every subject; It's a real mark of maturity to know that."  And God is blessing my efforts.  I'm "imaginary duct taping" my mouth in various arenas...and seeing unexpected doors of opportunity fly open.

Anyone who wants to buy me that T-shirt that says "Silence is Golden, Duct Tape is Silver" be my guest. *smile*

I had other books to share...but this is long enough for one day.  Anyone wanting to borrow my imaginary duct tape is welcome to share it...I hope it helps you too!


Barbara H. said...

Had to smile at this, especially the t-short saying. :-)

A former pastor used to say, "For every strength there is an offsetting weakness." I think that echoes what Lloyd-Jones is saying there -- that any trait is going to have areas to watch out for because of our fallen nature.

I read and loved that book years ago and probably need to revisit it.

Pamela said...

I've not read this book and I think I need to find it. Love your "Silence is golden, duct tape is silver." Giggled right out loud.

I do get the message and my response is Amen!

Beverly said...

When we were out to dinner with your parents, David said the line about not telling everyone everything you glad you quoted it here so I could write it down. Is "silence is golden, duct tape is silver" your own quote? I LOVE it!