Thursday, April 21, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Holy Week Edition!

My Loverbrains and Sweet Boobahs picked out pretty hyacinths for an early Mother's Day surprise.  We used it to make a nice, mini Calvary in our kitchen.
In order to free up egg cartons for the craft below...I emptied all my brown eggs into a pretty bowl...and was amazed at how happy it made me.  God is wonderful to give us such beautiful brown eggs...and pretty bowls...and cozy homes...and Easter...He is Risen!!  Hallelujah!
I wanted to teach the kids about the Lord's Supper...and a little about each disciple.  Emmer insisted the beardless ones were girls and colored them pink and!  Lubby had evidently heard all about Judas Iscariot (he was BAD)...but insisted that the picture of Peter with the sword was really Judas...I mean, duh MomE...what threat is a bag of money??  Someday, they will think this is funny too!
Sigh...Here are the matching Easter skirts that will NOT be...they will be matching Mother's Day skirts instead.  How long do you think I can get her wear matching outfits on Mother's Day? 



Holly @ Three Sided Wheel said...

Lovely! Don't you just love Lacy's crafts?

Joyce said...

I love the hyacinths-so pretty! And about that last question...I have a picture of my girls and I in matching dresses...I think my oldest was close to nine. We had a picture made for the hubs but I don't think she wanted to wear them out anywhere all together at that point. You have a few years still I think.

Lisa said...

Bobbi, I HAVE THAT SAME BOWL! I don't know where my mother got it - could have been anywhere, but it's so cheerful and holds quite a bit, as your photo shows!

Happy Easter to you. (I like your Last Supper display)